Tweetbot for iOS added support for 1Password in browser, and more

Tweetbot for iOS updated to version 3.5.3 today with new features and bug fixes.

One of them is added support for 1Password as an external browser in addition to Safari. If you always use 1Password as browser for convenience in logging into some services that you frequently use, you can now enable this option by going into Tweetbot’s in-app Settings, then Browser, and select 1Password. But note that if you have “Open links in Tweetbot” enabled, you basically see no difference in browsing the web links. If not, you will be redirected to 1Password if you have it installed on your device.


Another new feature is that you can now view the URL of the website that you tap on to invoke the share sheet. It only displays the URL without any additional functionality. You can’t tap on it to open it, nor can you copy the address from there. Not very practical but it is nice to have.

There are some more improvments and fixes in this update:

– Fixed issue with dictation and smart quote
– Better support for Buffer extension
– Various bug fixes

Head over to the App Store and update your Tweetbot now to try out the new features. If you have not yet owned Tweetbot, you can purchase and download it for $4.99.

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