Side-by-side comparison between plastic and metal-like Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cables

Earlier today, I posted on Reddit that I received the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable with metal housing. It does look much better in reality and more premium that the plastic one. Just for reference, I have got myself with the 2-meter-long cable instead of 1m, as I can think of when I try to wrap it around the high-rise watch stands, certainly longer could be better.

There was a question regarding the thickness of the connector comparing with the plastic one that comes with Apple Watch Sport. This is indeed a useful fact that everyone should get to know.

For those of you who might not have ordered 2 different tiers of Apple Watches, nor have not bought the one on sale in the Apple Online Store, here I am presenting to you the physical side-by-side comparison of both charging cables.

apple watch charging cables 2

Based on my rough measurement without professional utilities, the metal one is approximately 6.5mm thick, whereas the plastic one has a thickness of about 8mm. The difference is slightly less than 1.5mm. The diameters of both are the same. Additionally, the upper faces are all plastic too.

apple watch charging cables 3

/u/slicecom did bring up an interesting point that the slight difference in thickness of the connectors could lead to major issues with charging stands or docks that some of the manufacturers could have sent out for production and ready for shipping within a couple of weeks.


Definitely, many of us, as normal consumers, might not have expected a differentiation of such that the Sport comes with the plastic charging connector which looks cheaper and is literally thicker. I have ordered a couple of watchstands from two different manufacturers so will definitely share with you how things go.

So did you order the charging cable with metal housing? And did you pre-order a watchstand? Feel free to share your thought here.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1 m) – $29.00
Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (2 m) – $39.00

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  1. Actually we measured 6.4 and 7.9mm 🙂 but other issue for dock designers (like us) could be the different distance on the cable outlet. Depending on the design, 0,5mm can make a difference.
    We had to redo the “PUCK” holder a bit but actually found an even better solution through that, making the cable completely invisible and it fits with both chargers

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    1. Chan Xin says:

      Hello there! Well thanks for the info. So, my rough measurement is quite close and indeed proves the 1.5mm difference. Wondering which dock that is designed by you? I would love to give a review on a physical unit, if any.


  2. im4ch3t3 says:

    Reblogged this on im4ch3t3.


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