Review: Spigen Apple Watch Case Rugged Armor

A couple of weeks ago, I review the Spigen Thin Fit Case for Apple Watch. There was some pictures and video showing it and it was quite welcomed by the readers. It was indeed a very practical companion for traveling, and of course, my Apple Watch didn’t get scratched or damaged during the trip.

On the other hand, there are some friends of mine not liking it, stating that the case makes the Apple Watch look cheap, or the silver color does not match with the Space Grey Watch. So I ordered the another case from Spigen, the Rugged Armor Case for Apple Watch (38mm) and gave it a try.

Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armor 0

The package is actually the same as the other cases but just with a different sticker to identify which design it is. Inside the package, except the case and a piece of documentation, there are two pieces of plastic screen protectors. Not being a fan of using it unless it is tempered glass, it is not installed on my Apple Watch.

Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armor 2

The case looks quite cool and nice with the Apple Watch to be honest despite adding thickness to the watch body. It is also very light but less bulky than expected. Easy to install and remove, but not as such as the Thin Fit case. Now the 38mm watch fits perfectly on my 155mm wrist with this case on, with a perfect worry-free protection solution for the precious Apple Watch.

Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armor 3

Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armor 7

The cut out for the Digital Crown is done perfectly. It is easy to access too. The Side Button is covered up by a glossy plastic button.

Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armor 5

But the major downside is that it will make the band changing process a lot more difficult. Although there is a “button” to press on, I often find it difficult to be pressed down to the actual button to remove the adapter or watch bands when I want to. This could be the only trade-off for using this protective case.

Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armor 8

One side note is that the case adds friction when placing on the slope of my Griffin Apple Watch Stand charging dock. It used to be unstable with the Monowear Stainless Steel Metal Link band which is quite heavy. But now the problem has been solved.

Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armor 9

Last but not least, a little comparison between the Rugged Armor case and Thin Fit case. Certainly, the Rugged Armor is significantly bulkier than the Thin Fit case.

Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armor 6

If you are looking for a full protection to your Apple Watch without making it look cheap but look like a G-Shock Watch instead, this should be the one you should get. Spigen Apple Watch Case Rugged Armor is available on Amazon for $14.99.

Edit #1: Just to give compliment and positive response to the Redditors who commented on this Apple Watch case, no matter you supported me or not. Using a case is completely personal choice, preference and need. Even if you don’t like it, you don’t have to show your hate in public. Everyone has their own taste and no one can guarantee you come up to have a better one after bashing others.

Hong Kong is a super-crowed place to live in. People moving around closely in transport stations and cabins, on the road…It is inevitable to get hit on the watch or your watch hits the others. Definitely see the need here especially I am not so careful with it.

The major purpose of the review and pictures is that it there must be someone who may like or need it, but wait to see how it looks and feels. They come here for such information and if it has ever helped anyone to make their decision or judgement in either way, my goal will be achieved. Hope you have enjoyed reading here!

Edit #2: Thanks for supportive Redditors, just to give a final word for those who may not find this case appealing – I have AppleCare+ with my Apple Watch just in case some bad accident happens. Spending 20 bucks to give extra lives to the Apple Watch is a steal comparatively, though the design is not for everyone but there is no such thing existing in the world that every single one loves. If you dislike, you don’t really have to show it on your face.

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  1. Ste says:

    I have just ordered one of these as I fans he space grey is starting to chip. I am a big fan of GShock so this should look good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Glad that you like it!


  2. Tania Rose says:

    Spigen is the best. Spigen always comes up with high quality products.Buy Spigen products from the Official dealer. Thank You.


  3. Can you let me know if there is wear and tear under the case itself?

    The Amazon reviews are a bit confusing and I have just purchased the black rugged case. My watch is the grey sports version w black strap

    The rugged case looks good on but the reviews I have read warn of the case itself rubbing on the metal frame of the watch, causing scratches etc.



  4. Al says:

    It’s a cool case and certainly gives a g-shock look. It does make changing bands difficult, I ended up pushing my thumb nail under the case at the back to release the band. So if you like to take the case off when you are going somewhere nice then this may not be for you. Mine doesn’t seem to have scratched the watch beneath but I will see after a few months. All in all I would give the product 8/10.

    Liked by 1 person

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