Review: Power Support Silicone Jacket for iPhone 6

This is the minimalistic iPhone 6 case that I have been looking for long. The Power Support Silicone Jacket is a soft, thin and light-weight case that offers certain level of protection around the edges and surface of your iPhone 6, but nice grip in your hands as well.

power support silicone jacket 01

power support silicone jacket 02

The case comes with a nice packaging that includes the Silicone Jacket itself, a piece of plastic screen protector film, and a micro-fibre cloth.

power support silicone jacket 03

The ports and buttons areas are either well covered or exposed with precise cut-out but still the thickness of the case protects them from scratches by accident, especially the protruding camera.

power support silicone jacket 05

power support silicone jacket 06

power support silicone jacket 07

power support silicone jacket 09

power support silicone jacket 08

This is one of the best minimalist iPhone 6 out in the market with high quality material comparing with the low-cost, counterfeit ones. If you are looking for this, you can get this case from Power Support official site for $34.95.

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