Reviewing 5 Black Forest Atelier Handmade Vintage Leather Bands for Apple Watch

Having been reviewing quite a number of Apple Watch accessories and bands here, I believe the reviews should be able to you help you out in making a decision on which band to try out and you should be able to pick one of those from the list, not matter it is a genuine band from the Apple Store, third-party branded watch bands, or even a replica.

Being a person who loves getting something better from time to time and looking for something new, cool and stylish, there has not been a pause for such despite there have been a time that the blog had cooled down for a short while.

black forest bands unbox

I am fortunate to have got in touch with Black Forest Atelier, who offer great quality handmade leather bands for watches and the Apple Watch, and received five different bands from their wide-variety product line for this review, which normally cost US$89.9 per piece.

black forest bands five bands

They ship the bands you order worldwide from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and come in with a very nice gift box. What you will normally be able to get from the package, depending on which band you ordered, as below but not all of them:

  • Apple watch Strap changeable strap Lugs (Pins), for Apple 38mm and 42mm sport watch
  • Adapter (not sold separately)
  • Handmade strap 125mm/75mm length (or size per special request)
  • Buckle
  • 5-edge-star special screw driver for strap replacement

Black Classic
As named, this band looks classic and minimal. The leather is of high quality as well. The color matches best with Space Gray modes of the Apple Watch and the adapters. My only complain to this band is the thickness it has, regardless of the softness of the band.

Rally Racing
The Rally Racing band is the one I love the most in terms of comfort and design. The leather is extremely soft. Unlike the Black Classic band, this band can easily get through the buckle without trying too hard. The midnight blue color option here is definitely one of the perfect matches with the Space Gray Sport, but of course, there are some more colors to choose from. Highly recommended.

Baseball Red Stitching
This is the band that I really love at first sight when I browsed through the vendor’s catalog. It looks raw, and really stands out from the band that you will normally expect the Apple Watch should come along with. Not the most comfortable one due to the thickness and strength of the band. But it should be the one help you look really different from the others.

Swiss Ammo Style
It is very minimal in design. Good leather quality. Comfortable to wear. If you are a minimalist, this band is definitely one of the best choices for you, in addition to the Black Classic band.

Last but not least, the BF08 band. Despite the fact that I took least picture of it, this is the band that I wore for the whole day in the office. It has similar texture as the Swiss Ammo Style. But the color is slightly darker that suits my business attire better. The pattern and the design look neat and professional.

Overall speaking, if you are looking for high quality leather bands for your Apple Watch, and affordable for a little bit premium at the price point, the Black Forest Atelier Handmade Vintage Leather Bands are definitely one of your best choices to shop from. The adapters are great and the color matches with the Apple Watch casing. More importantly, they can be easily slipped in without getting through much friction which is worry-free from scratches. They hold securely as well.

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Black Forest Atelier for their generosity to sponsor samples of their great products for review purpose.

For more designs, please visit Black Forest Atelier and start shopping. You will definitely find the one your love from the dozens. For more Apple Watch Band reviews, check out the list here!


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