Review: iNERTIA Rainbow Stand for Apple Watch

For those who have been following the blog, you should have seen a few reviews already on some Apple Watch Charging Stands including ones from Spigen, Griffin (with unboxing video) and Mophie.

To be honest, CalypsoTimeless has been on my wish list but the price is really scaring me off despite of the super premium build. But I would really love having similar setup either at home or in office. Recently, I was introduced to iNERTIA Rainbow Stand for Apple Watch which is going to help me cross out the item on my wish list.

The stand comes with a very simple package and what you can get inside are, in addition to the stand itself, is color-printed setup guide and a circular pad for adding height for metal charging connector as it is slightly thinner than the plastic one.

The Rainbow Stand consists of two parts: a metal cover with smooth satin finish that prevents scuffing and scratching on metal watch bands, and a non-slippery weighted base that adds friction and stability to the stand.

The setup process is painless. Simply open the metal cover from the gap at the bottom of the stand, lift up the metal cover, fit the charging cable into the groove on the dock and put the metal cover back on. The uncovered cable should run through the cut-out seamlessly in this sense. Note that if you are using the metallic connector, please do remember to insert the pad into the connector groove on the dock before you place the cable in.

Now, we can put the Apple Watch onto the dock. Depending on what kind of band you have, either open or closed loop would be good to be placed. For open-loop bands, you can safely put your watch on top of the dock for charging. However, there is one shortfall that due to the sleek size limitation of the dock, band length such as the M/L size sport band will be too long to be put on the dock and the tail of it will be reaching the desk. But that is not a big deal at all.

For closed loop bands such as Milanese Loop or Leather Loop, you would need to place the watch in the other way round that is perpendicular to the dock and you would have to let the dock pass through the loop of the band to allow this to happen. This costs little effort and may not be a perfect choice comparatively.

But overall speaking, I really love the idea and design of the iNERTIA Rainbow Stand as it has a sleek look and solid build and it performs as advertised. You will not be required to wire your cables like a coil as some other docks may do. It is easy to set up and break down (only if you want). More importantly, especially for those who open-loop bands this stand offer a super handy solution to place your watch on a charger. There is no major complaint I can voice out at the moment.

Last but not least, besides looking at the picture, also worth checking out the promotional video of the Rainbow Stand below. Let me know what you think about this charging dock in the comment session. Thanks for reading.

The Inertia Shop for Apple Watch Stands

Purchase iNERTIA Rainbow Stand for Apple Watch – $29.99

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