Review: Bluedio H+ Turbine Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone

Headphone review is something yet new to me, but recently there have been a few coverages thanks to support from the manufacturers and retailers. And this also turns me to a fan of using on-ear Bluetooth headphones at most of the times. Sponsored by GearBest, a very popular site for gadgets and electronics deals, we are going to introduce to you, especially strong bass lovers, the budgeted Bluedio H+ Turbine Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone.

Bluedio H+ Turbine Headphone 1

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Product: Bluedio H+ Turbine Bluetooth V4.1 On-ear Headphone
Price: $26.39
Color options: White, Black, Red, Blue
Package contents: 1 x Earphone, 1 x Audio Cable, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Bilingual User Manual in English and Chinese

Main Features:

  • Iconic powerful bass resonance powered by 57mm ultra-large dynamic drivers, turbine style housing, with the iconic Bluedio surging low-frequency shock
  • Ultra-long battery life of 40 hours music with robust high speed CPU
  • Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Micro SD card music supported up to 32GB
  • Audio Sharing allows dual headphone via an audio cable
  • Supra-aural soft earmuffs with artificial protein leather to ensure long lasting comfort
  • 4 languages voice prompt: Chinese, English, French, Spanish
  • Three operation modes: Bluetooth, FM Mode and SD Card Mode

Design and Build Quality

Bluedio H+ Turbine Headphone 2

I personally really love the red color over other options as the design fits this color the best. The appearance is fashionable. The earmuffs are very soft and comfortable. However, the framework build quality is not premium that you would expect from top brands like Beats, Marshall, etc.

Bluedio H+ Turbine Headphone 5

As you could expect for the low price point, most parts of the construction are made of plastic, including the casing, the button, etc. The headphone is not heavy so it gives a feeling that it is not strong enough to external shock. But one good thing is that the buttons are very easy to press and locate on even you have put it on already.

Bluedio H+ Turbine Headphone 7

This earphone does come with extendability to cater for different needs. However, it can’t be folded to carry around with less space or protection. But you can still consider getting a carrying case that this earphone can easily fit in as the size is very common comparatively.

Functionality and Performance

As mentioned in the introduction, the bass output of Bluedio H+ Turbine is definitely the iconic feature of the headphone, thanks to its 57mm ultra-large dynamic drivers. Honestly speaking, it outperforms Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR Headphone, which is more than $10 more expensive, that has a smaller 40mm speaker drivers to push rich bass. Excellent stereo output can be expected at the same level from a wired headphone. Pop and rock music are more preferred for the best experience.The noise cancellation is outstanding. And more importantly, there has not been any fatigue even with about an hour’s listening time.

Bluedio H+ Turbine Headphone 6

The connection is fast without any lag that some other even more expensive headsets built with lower grade of Bluetooth technology may performance. The connection stability has been very good during walking and moving. but with the 3.5mm headphone jack available, you can always plug in an audio cable for a  wired connection for better experience and less battery consumption.

Bluedio H+ Turbine Headphone 3

This headphone is also equipped with the ability to listen to music from Micro-SD card, which is rarely found in the market. Basically you can treat the headphone as a standalone music device, without worrying connection lost and battery drain from the smartphones.

Bluedio H+ Turbine Headphone 4

Battery life has been excellent as advertised. Having been using for a week and there wasn’t any indication that the battery drops hence no chance for getting it charged.


Bluedio H+ Turbine Bluetooth V4.1 Headphone has good value for money. If you are a person for “All about that bass”. This is a budgeted option for you. This headphone is available on GearBest for $26.39. For more headphone deals, check out the session on Gearbest here.

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  1. Varun Reddy says:

    A good pair of in-ear headphones offer a great listening experience for you and, if designed right, will mean your fellow commuters can’t hear your choice in music. Even if not, you won’t be able to hear them complaining.If you’re less than impressed with the earphones that were bundled with your Headphones fear not – there are plenty of great alternatives that ensure you won’t be suffering in silence.


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