Reviewing Handmade Cuff Leather Apple Watch Band from BuonGustoItaliano

In September, Apple released Hermès Apple Watch with premium quality leather bands that led to a mass fervour on the fashion of different styles of watch bands. There has been upsurge on third-party  sellers to produce similar Double Tour bands and Cuff bands. This opens up numerous opportunities for users to get a variety of choices, not only with different designs and finish, but also, more importantly, different size options for both 38mm and 42mm watch cases, as well as customized band lengths in which Apple does not offer too many of those.

A couple months ago, we specifically put up a coverage on the Hoco’s Replica Hermès Apple Watch Bands and a comparison with the genuine bands. However, the Hoco’s bands are more on a low cost side with fair quality subjected to standardized manufacturing processes. Same forApple for their various leather bands such as the Modern Buckle and Classic Buckle which are more on the high cost side. If you are looking for something handmade and vintage, instead of industrial perfection, as a gift to yourself or good friends during the holiday season for a fair price for quality and uniqueness, I have a got a great recommendation for you here.


Name: Cuff Tuscan Leather Apple Watch Band
Seller: BuonGustoItaliano Etsy Shop
Vegetable-tanned genuine Virgin Tuscan Leather
Country of Origin: Italy
Band Length: 120mm/80mm
Thickness: 3mm
Adapters Color: Silver / Space grey / Gold / Rose gold
Buckle: Stainless steel silver / Brushed metal-black
Price: $149.90

BuonGustoItaliano Handmade Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band 20

As I mentioned in previous reviews, I am a big fan of the Cuff band after seeing it be implemented on the Apple Watch. There is growing number of options joining the market and I found BuonGustoItaliano (B.G.I) that offers a bunch of them. The review unit that I fortunately received from them is Volcano Grey, which is one of the best-fits for the Space Grey Apple Watch Sport. There are many more styles and color options available for the Cuff leather bands on B.G.I. so be sure to check it out as well.


As it is for review purpose, it does not come with fancy packaging but a well-protected express package. Certainly this is not something we want to focus on as the band is the real cool thing here.

Design and quality

The design is pretty much what you could expect from the Cuff band. It is presented as advertised. The hand-stitched cuff band is well crafted with rugged look. The adapters are sewed in the leather bands. Both bands are securely sitting in the fixed strap bars.

The center hole allows the watch sensor to remain in touch with your skin and the heart rate monitor to function as it should be when the bands bend around your wirst. I would say it does not come with a really particular fancy design which out-performs the other cuff bands.

Notability speaking, there is no marking, logo or signature engraved on the band.

Comparing with Hoco’s knockoff Hermès Cuff Band, the one from B.G.I. is significantly wider and longer in every part, even for the hole opened for heart rate sensor. The thickness is almost the same. But in terms of softness Hoco’s band comes short comparatively. The stitching patterns are different as well. Certainly, B.G.I. cuff band looks more natural as it is handmade.


The bandmade cuff band’s quality is superb. The leather is extremely soft out of the box and durable as far as I could try out in the couple full days of usage. It is pleasant on the touch and to smell without any  chemical or machine footprint. The stainless steel adapters and buckle are solid. There is nothing going behind the leather bands from Apple and other brands marking up on goodwill for their mass produced retail goods.



Overall speaking, this buff band is a good-looking and high quality. It is very comfortable to wear with thanks to the super-soft leather. It also holds securely on the wrist, and at the same time, does not interfere any of the functions of the Apple Watch.

BuonGustoItaliano Handmade Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band 19

What’s cool about this option is that you can get it for your 38mm sized Apple Watch, unlike the bands from Hermès or Pad & Quill. Additionally, the shopowner is a very nice and friendly person. It was a pleasant experience to talk about the watch band in the previous days.

If I were to receive this from my friend as a Christmas gift, I will be really happy as this band is unique and stylish. If this is something you are looking for, head over to BuonGustoItaliano Etsy Shop and get one from the shelf now.

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  1. kutukamus says:

    They sure have class 🙂


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