Exploring possibilities of a iOS 9.3 jailbreak release

The week-long Chinese New Year holiday has almost come to an end and nothing released from the Chinese jailbreak team has disappointed quite a group of jailbreak users or those who got stuck with iOS 9.1 and 9.2.

However, even we don’t know much in the past couple months, this should not be any blame to the teams as Apple has made the firmware more difficult to jailbreak. With the known and less acknowledged information, we are going to explore a bit on how possible and when there will be a iOS 9.3 jailbreak in the coming paragraphs.

Very unlikely Luca Todesco


As reported widely, although talented hacker Luca Todesco teased iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.3 beta jailbreaks, it is really unlikely that he will release any time soon, nor the community puts any hope on this to happen, but we respect his choice in general.

PP’s interest on jailbreak in doubt

As I mentioned in JailCast episode 5, PP Assistant, the partner of Pangu jailbreak team, is now owned by Alibaba (BABA: NYSE) and the mobile client and platform serve as a major gateway to enter directly into the both iOS and Android mobile consumer market.

pp big data

Despite there could be huge amount of capital that could have backed up PP to explore on jailbreaking iOS, they seems to be aiming at a bigger thing other than iOS jailbreak that aligns with the vision and ambition of Alibaba. On 19th January, 2016, Alibaba Mobile Business Group and PP co-organized a major strategic conference in Beijing, China namely “Find Her – Era of Big Data Distribution” to mainly talk about how big data can better help to meet mobile users’ need from the PP app, get better market intelligence for boosting mobile advertising effectiveness, and more.

Based on such, it is hard not to think that PP could put much less focus or resources, or even drop the jailbreak from their roadmap, nor their blog editors did not put up any solid speculation in their last post on possibility of iOS 9.2 jailbreak.

TaiG progress unknown, new possible player may come

Along with uncertainty from the Pangu and PP team,there wasn’t many more news since their iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool being updated in the last Christmas. We reported couple times earlier on mixed messages of possible jailbreak progress made by TaiG and their associate 3K Assistant. There is yet a clear picture of how it goes even though they did confirm a work-in-progress on it.


However, according to an insider news exclusively reported by Cammy Harbison from iDigitalTimes, there could be a new player joining the game to make a jailbreak, yet any further details have been revealed. This lit up a glimpse of hope that we can still look forward to jailbreaking a newer iOS firmware.

Eyes on Apple’s March event

Apple is said to release a number of new line-ups of devices and accessories in their upcoming March event including iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se or iPhone 6c and possible new generation of Apple Watch and new watch bands, alongside with the final build of iOS 9.3 shipped with the new iPhones and iPads.


Based on previous track records of any jailbreak teams – for instance how fast that the iPhone 6s was jailbroken on iOS 9 – it is very likely that hackers are waiting to test out the latest firmware on latest Apple devices that are to be announced and delivered in a month’s time.


It is understandable that everyone here in the community needs a jailbreak for the latest firmware. But the cat-and-mouse game never ends. So all in all, there is really low chance that we see a jailbreak drops before iOS 9.3 release and it appears to be a wise decision to save vulnerabilities and exploits for major iOS releases. Anyhow, wait for the March event to come and we shall see who comes up to be the hero there.

So what’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Keep me updated with anything New on The iOS 9.3 Jailbreak (And / Or Any Update(s), Too); That’s with: TaiG, Pangu, 3K Assistant, PP Jailbreak, And / Or Any Other OFFICIAL JAILBREAK(ING) DEVELOPER(S)!!!!!! Please!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!! I (Would) Appreciate It; (Very Much)!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!

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    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Absolutely 🙂


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