Recent Chinese editorials responded on iOS 9.3 jailbreak rumors

There has been lack of iOS 9.3 jailbreak update with no confirmation on alleged enMTW-TaiG iOS 9.3 jailbreak bug deal while Apple closed iOS 9.2.1 signing window.However, there had been lots of discussions going on iOS jailbreak news and rumours here in China.

Here are some major pieces of news that I recently read and or learnt from some creditable source that I talked to in private conversations. You can click to enlarge the images below for full details.

Weibo (Screenshot on the left)

Last week, I sent a private message to a Weibo account that has some connections with the Chinese jailbreak teams and security researches. I asked if they can confirm, either from TaiG or other of their sources, that enMTW has really sold his iOS 9.3 jailbreak bugs to Chinese teams, especially TaiG.

They replied me in a comprehensive public post on Monday the 4th. They mentioned that many, including developers, have asked them the same questions over the days. They claimed to have reached out to some iOS jailbreak security researcher in the U.K. but the answer is negative. The feedback was: “it is not so creditable”. The reason given is that “no one knows if the bug even exists or was sold”. There are still big piece of contents of their opinions and analysis that I am not going to translate here further to invite speculations

Sohu (Screenshot in the middle)

On Monday the 4th, Sohu, one of the leading internet companies in China (it should be very creditable in this sense) reported a rumor that a famous young hacker named Elfa Chen purchased the iOS 9.3 jailbreak bug from enMTW. Elfa confirmed to their reporter that some intermediate broker did recommend the deal to him but he rejected. However, he refused to disclose who the real seller is.

PP (Screenshot on the right)

PP, who is known as prior associate with Pangu jailbreak team, shared their thoughts on the possibility of iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak yesterday the 7th.

They mentioned that in addition to enMTW, it is also rumored in Chinese jailbreak community that Cydia tweak AppSync has been shown updated on CyRepo to support iOS 9.3.1 that caused hyped speculations.

However, they echoed that both rumors are not creditable as there is no actual proof on the existance of the bugs that enMTW claimed to have sold, and their confirmed that AppSync was not updated on its official repo. More importantly, there is no Chinese jailbreak team teased on a possible release of iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak, in which they indeed do not usually do.

But they did recommend us to “treasure current jailbreak” and do not upgrade if jailbroken. Be patient to wait for jailbreak as usual because “it will come when it is ought to come”.

Additionally, I tried to reach both TaiG and their associate 3K Assistant on Weibo. However, TaiG did not even read my message. On another hand, 3K had read my messages but refused to respond.

3K Taig ios 9.3 jailbreak

So what do you think about these scattered pieces of information? Let me know in the comments.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. María José says:

    Hi, im from chile, and i just want to say that if the Chinese don’t have a jailbreak even less some guy in twitter… im so tired of the trolling kids that say: “i have a jailbreak 9.2.1 or 9.3 even 9.3.2.. what are they doing playing with us, are feelings and are hope.
    the first time i jailbreak my phone was in 2012… this is the very first time i don’t have a jailbreak for so long, so i value the jailbreak now, and the work of my hacker´s friend’s, i promise i never going to lost the Jealbreak again.. but please released soon for 9.2.1 Sincerely María José
    ps: thanks for the many years of jailbreak… don’t sold out to apple… they don´t want the happiness for the jailbreak comunity with all this upgrades in this short time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen Chan says:

      I share your feeling and let’s hope a jailbreak will drop at any time soon!


    2. Aiman Jadue says:

      hi, i just wanted say that i’m from Chile too. but i don’t longer live there.
      and yes. you’re totally right, i’ll never forget my last jailbreak on 9.0.2 and now im trapped here on 9.2.1 and can’t do ANYTHING about it. sucks. you really appreciate jailbreak after so long without using it.
      hopefully we’ll have ourselves a jailbreak soon and keep it, and never update it again haha.
      greetings from Canada to Chile


  2. Scotty Phillips says:

    Eventually everyone gives in when it comes to money which is sad. People enjoy jailbreak, but others just don’t care they only care about selling out to get paid.


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Yes, they have a living to earn from there


  3. dom / backwardatom says:

    apple are just a bunch of wankers who like to control you i think that when you purchace there product you should be able to do what you want with it . ive been a jailbreaker from the start and only lost my jailbreak because of a bug so not everyone can enjoy your jailbreak when it crashes . come on guys my phones a brick without it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Agreed with you that the phone is a brick without it!


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