Think twice before you buy Knockoff Apple New Nylon Bands (Full review and comparison)

In response to a Reddit request on how third-party or knockoff for the new Nylon Apple Watch bands perform, a replica costed RMB 95 ($14) has been shipped from China very early today to my office. Due to limited supply, I was unable to get the exact same color as my genuine nylon band. But here is the best comparison possible.

The design of the knockoff nylon band is completely different from what was advertised and that of Apple’s nylon band. Except that the adapters and buckles are metallic, the other parts looks cheap. The junction between the bands and the buckles and adapters are of old watch style.


Let’s take a very close look at the bands side-by-side. The images below were taken with the 15x Macro Olloclip Lens in order to tell the truth.


The texture and quality are nowhere near the Apple’s genuine nylon bands. The knockoff is not woven nylon with multiple layers. The overall pattern is inconsistent and poorly manufactured.

It is barely a layer of nylon thread glued on a plastic watch band. The edges are raw and rough. Poorly made.

The junctions to the adapters (left) and buckle (right) are taking completely different approaches.

Overall speaking, this is a cheap knockoff in terms of price and build quality. Although it looks merely ok from far but the design is not very appealing. Although it is fairly comfortable to wear with, but it is highly doubted on its durability comparing with the genuine Apple Nylon bands. Apple has done a much better job to prevent a true replica here.

What do you think about this knockoff Nylon band? Will you still for it for the lower cost? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Edit: more colors below for you reference:

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