Review: Speck StyleFolio Luxury Edition and DuraFolio Cases for iPad Air 2

Speck has been specialized in offering extremely protective solutions to smartphones and many other different gadgets. It has been my favorite and most preferred brand of choice when I pickup a new device.

Speck DuraFolio 14

Thanks to Apple’s March event, it is the perfect ime to pick up the powerful iPad Air 2 that has gained a significant price cut after the new Pro line-up launched, and I did. For such a size of the device that I need to carry along, it would be best to equip it with a functional and durable case to safeguard along its life-cycle. Here comes a couple of options shipped to my deck – Speck’s StyleFolio Luxury Edition and DuraFolio iPad Air 2 Cases.

The cases come with iconic Speck packaging with the white and blue color graphics printed on the front and at the back, filled with the top features that you need to know about. Only the DuraFolio case comes with a seperate piece of starter guide telling you all the possible viewing angles you can do with the cases. The rest is just intuitive .

Both cases have well-functioned magnetic cover to activate auto sleep/wake of the iPad screen. The durable material of the hardshell offers good protection against day-to-day wear-and-tear, scratches and impacts. Notably speaking, the dual layer, rugged surface design, as well as the raised bezel offer a military-grade solution to protecting the device and the screen from impact and drops.

The two cases are of different designs that serve different purposes and functionalities. With similar thickness, they do add a little bit of bulk of 0.3 to 0.4 inches to the slim body of iPad Air 2 which should have been expected if you pick these cases up. But there are a few difference that you can easily spot out from the pictures above:

  1. The StyleFolio Case comes with pleasingly good PU leather texture and the DuraFolio comes with durable plastic with rugged finish. Both are very comfortable to hold but definitely DuraFolio offers a better grip.
  2. The StyleFolio has a buckle to secure the lid and the back cover. This is a two-folded feature. It could be either cumbersome or feeling secured depending on what you see about it.
  3. The DuraFolio Case for iPad Air 2 has a better design over StyleFolio to provide speaker grills. This is one of the major shortfall for the nice-looking StyleFolio.
  4. The DuraFolio Case provides cover-up buttons but the StyleFolio Case has cut-outs to all buttons and ports. Both are precisely manufactured.
  5. Both cases have good amount of  viewing angles but DuraFolio Case can do a lot more, though far beyond my need.

Below are some high-resolution shots that give you a good idea on what to expect from the two iPad Air 2 cases.



StyleFolio Luxury Edition (Faux Black Croc) – US$44.95

DuraFolio iPad Air 2 Case (Slate Grey/Peacock Blue) – US$59.95

To conclude, again, I highly recommend the two cases to all iPad 2 Air users and also other products from Speck. The build quality is excellence and the protection capability is well-proven to be better than many other competitors by extreme drop tests. If you want to keep your device from accidents, Speck is your best choice.

What do you think about the Speck StyleFolio Luxury Edition for iPad Air / iPad Air 2 and DuraFolio Cases for iPad Air 2? Let me know in the comments.

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