Review: Monowear Leather Deployant Apple Watch Band

You guys know I am big fan of Monowear Apple Watch Bands and did review a number of their flagship line ups since I got my Apple Watch at launch. I leave the links to my reviews in later part of this post for your perusal.

I am very happy to be sponsored with their new Leather Deployant Bands that somes with excellent classic design and quality that sweeps competitors away.

Monowear Leather Deployant 0302
Monowear Leather Bands in Monochest
Fact sheet

Band Color: Brown, Black, Red, Navy and Crème + Various colors of Stitches
Band Material: Genuine leather, Nappa finish
Adapter & Buckle Finish: Stainless Steel, Space Grey Sport, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
Adapter & Buckle Material: Stainless steel
Length: Based on Apple Watch of your choice (Click here for size chart)
Compatibility: 38mm or 42mm Apple Watches


The Monowear Leather Deployant Apple Watch Bands come with familiar packaging if you have already got it before. You can see from the front how the band looks like on the watch. At the back you can find all the product information the specific model, color and size that you ordered.

Comparison with first generation Monowear Leather Band

There is a significant leap forward from their first Leather Band months ago. There are some major changes materialized in terms of the band finishing, stitching and buckle.

Despite with same Nappa finish, the feel on touch is different from its predecessor in which this Deployant band feel a little bit more rough and raw. Much softer leather quality gives a better user experience when wearing the band. Note that the 42mm option has a slightly wider band width than the 38mm one that fits better with the larger Apple Watch.

One more thing is that the band is slightly thicker near the adapter, but thinner where it overlaps with the buckle so that when clasp closes it won’t get too thick and difficult to lock up.

The new single-fold deployment clasp replaces the classic buckle which not only makes the band looks more modern, but also makes it easier for users to take it on and off with the buttons aside. The stainless steel clasp is very strong, secured and well crafted so it will not scratch your skin, at least never happens on me. I did find that the buckle for 42mm band is noticeably heavier so if you are not a fan of such, you need to bear this mind before cashing in.

As a long-term partner and user of Monowear Apple Watch products, I personally really like this generation of leather band. To me it has a better design with stitches than the predecessor which is simply a plain piece of leather. The leather quality feels better than previous generations too. More importantly, the clasp is very easy to use and more convenient than classic buckles. The Leather Deployant is simply a proud addition to my Apple Watch band collection.

Summarizing the good and bad about the Monowear Leather Deployant in bullet points:


  • Appealing new classic design with stitches along the band
  • High quality genuine leather used
  • Easy implementation of deployment clasp
  • Comfortable and durable to wear
  • Trusted quality for the brand
  • High level of customization with multiple band, buckle and adapter colors options
  • Free shipping for most bands you order


  • Slightly more premium price over a number of options on Amazon/eBay
  • A few similar options of other brands that may not allow user to stand out
  • Requires slightly more effort to adjust the band with the buckle pinned at certain hole

You are order the Monowear Leather Deployant Apple Watch band for $89.99 and enjoy free shipping with promo code MONOSHIP if you order from Monowear. Order ships within 3 to5 business days but you can also check out Monowear’s global retailers near you for any occasional deals or discounted shipping.

Be sure to check out more Monowear Apple Watch Band and accessories reviews on my blog below!


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