Review: Lac Crado Genuine Leather Apple Watch Straps

Since the Apple Watch has launched till the second generation is coming soon, we have been dedicated to bring to our readers with reviews on different types of Apple Watch bands offered by third-party manufacturers. My collection has already gone over 30 bands as of today and be sure to follow and check out our official Instagram for more.

There are quite a number of leather bands in my big collection but the genuine leather Apple Watch strap series from Lac Crado quickly becomes my favorite when I shopped over their online store. In this review, we are going to take a look at a few of them.

Genuine Crocodile Belly Strap – $99

This is my favorite out of the three bands for review. The quality is excellent. The leather is very soft already so it is needless to wear it out. The texture looks very pleasing. The stitching work is well done. The brand new leather smell is good too.

Lac Crado Apple Watch Leather Bands 02.JPG

The most comparable band is Apple’s Classic Buckle. Both bands come with pleasing pattern and soft texture. The two-tone design looks familiar too. Certainly this comes to a decision of picking up a band that is perfectly manufactured or raw and handcrafted.

Unfortunately, quickly after I received the review unit, the Crocodile Belly strap has sold out so if you are going to get one of this, be sure to follow Lac Crado Etsy shop for the latest availability.

Lac Crado Apple Watch Leather Bands 14.JPG

Genuine Ostrich Leg Strap – $89

This is the band that offers a different character and that I received most compliment for. It is not common to see Apple Watch band made of Ostrich Leg. The pattern is special and unique. The texture is a bit tougher than the crocodile belly but it is well-processed so nothing really to worry.

Lac Crado Apple Watch Leather Bands 10.JPG

The inner layer leather appears to be calf leather. The smell and texture are excellent as what you expect from genuine leather pieces. The leathers are well stitched and I personally could not find too many flaws out of it.

The only thing that may be of different taste is the buckle. It is relatively big in size and may not fit everyone. Due to shortage of material, this review unit comes with a silver buckle but look surprisingly good too. So overall speaking, if you need something look special, this Ostrich Leg leather strap should be on your shopping list.

Lac Crado Apple Watch Leather Bands 16.JPG

Yellow Python Strap – $99

The Python leather band is something that I wanted for quite some time as the thickness and texture are appealing and standing out. The yellow color that I pick could be a bit more feminine than I expected

Lac Crado Apple Watch Leather Bands 04.JPG

The two-tone design is shown with 2 layers of leather stitched together. There are some engraving on the inner layer which is perfect for those of you disliking a logo or brand-name show on the outer surface or on the watch buckle itself.

The leather is thick by nature but not tough to wear. But you may need some help with the shop if 5 punch holes are not sufficient for you with the relatively long strap.

Lac Crado Apple Watch Leather Bands 07.JPG

To summarize purely based on the review units,

What are good for the bands:

  • High quality genuine leather materials
  • Leathers are beautifully and precisely stitched
  • Variety of strap designs and color options
  • Customized hardware color options
  • Soft and comfortable upon arrival
  • 3 months warranty on par with Apple’s band
  • Free express shipping if purchase more than 2 bands

A few minor issues:

  • Some bands may be out of stock so check the availability before purchase
  • Many competitive options at same price point

Check out more on Lac Crado online shop and Instagram for more Apple Watch band styles and be sure to subscribe and follow us for more reviews on Apple Watch bands and accessories. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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