Alleged PP Assistant Twitter account is confirmed to be fake

There was a wide-spread rumor from alleged official PP Twitter account @assistant25pp that Pangu is going to release untethered jailbreak tool and 32-bit device support.

However, the account looks shady to me as there was no Twitter account information on PP’s official websites, but only Chinese social media Weibo, PP Forum and WeChat account links listed under “About us” session. In addition, the Chinese name of the said Twitter account does not match with what it should be.

So I sent a private message to PP’s official, verified Weibo account to validate if the Twitter account@assistant25pp is fake or not, as shown below.

Their reply was “The account is fake. Please do not believe”. Just note that wanted there was a typo in Chinese on the word “believe” but the pronunciation meant what it should be. So we can basically conclude that the information posted on this Twitter account should be fake and we highly recommend you stop following it. We don’t know who’s behind and what’s the intention but most likely creating rumors with no proof at all.

Hope this clarifies things up and wish you all happy jailbreaking!

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