The second generation knockoff Apple Nylon band isn’t anywhere near yet

A few months ago, we had a full side-by-side review on the first generation knockoff Apple Nylon band for Apple Watch. It is super low quality and does not even worth a buck.

In the recent couple months, the second generation has been released. It has lower selling price (less than US$10) and gained much better design which looks much more alike to the genuine Nylon band from Apple than the first generation. There are happy buyers who are lucky to have got the knockoff band with better quality than many others, like what are shown below:

However, there are tons of reports of undesirable quality out of the knockoff Nylon bands despite that it already looks like the genuine ones. In this post, like what we researched on knockoff Leather Loop with comprehensive reports and advice, we are going to take a look at the many buyers of the second generation knockoff Nylon bands, how they hold up and what the most commonly seen issues are that the buyers are pissed off by.

Low build quality

Several customers reported that the band comes with low build quality, for instance, misaligned adapter due to bigger size, bad-looking free loops and the band is not securely glued into the adapter. User also reported that the nylon quality is bad and rough hence very uncomfortable on skin. Typical examples are shown below.

Not durable

A number of users reported that the band are aging way too fast and started getting rough and uncomfortable to wear within a month. Here are some examples clearly showing the adjustment holds and edges are getting torn or rougher after minimal use.

Broken parts

Quite a few customers reported and showcased their bands with broken parts after usage of a week or two. The most common cases reported the free loop is completely broken on the run or the loop itself started getting torn apart.

More ridiculous, or say less commonly seen broken parts, at least I have not seen from the genuine Apple Watch bands, including the buckle tongue and even the buckle or adapter completely separated from the band.

What do you think about the second generation knockoff Nylon band? Are you still wanting to get one by luck? Or have you got one already and how do yours hold up? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out more reviews of Apple Watch bands available on the blog.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    ^ that ones not a misaligned adaptor, that’s someone being an idiot and deliberately putting it in the wrong way around.


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Maybe, but it’s not the only case. I may try to find more on it


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