Review: Monowear Nylon Active Apple Watch Bands (All colors)

For those who have been following the blog, you know we are a big fan of Monowear‘s Apple Watch bands from Day 1 that the Apple Watch has launched. We have reviewed almost all of their current products sooner after or even prior to their official releases, including the Kickstarter Metal Link, refreshed metal and leather bands, the beautiful Silver CeramicMonochest and the Leather Deployant that the latest Hermès line up shared similar design with.


The only band that I miss from Monowear is their Nylon bands. Despite of ownership of Apple’s colorful Nylon band, I found it quite boring to wear with and the band does not quite match with my Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 2 already to some extent. The Nylon Active, latest nylon band line-up from Monowear seems quite a fit to my two Apple Watches with different casings.

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Band Material: Nylon Band with Genuine Leather Patch
Band Color: Black, Gray, Olive
Adapter Material:  Stainless steel
Adapter Color:  Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminum, Space Gray Aluminum
Fastener Material: Velcro
Compatibility: Apple Watch Series 1 & 2, Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch Nike+


The design is new in the market and looks absolutely stylish. It works similar to Apple’s Milanese Loop with an unibody design and that the band  wraps through the adapter. You may need to loosen the band a bit before installing it onto your Apple Watch especially when you get a shorter band like myself, otherwise it may be a bit rough to get the adapter settled.

Notably speaking, the band is compatible with most of the Apple Watch charging stands or docks as shown below.

In terms of quality, it is no doubt that I have not received any Monowear bands with low quality that does not align with the price tag. Unlike those nylon bands below $10, the surface and edge of the band are smooth and well-manufactured. It is slighter skinnier than Apple’s Nylon band yet tough to get through any stress tests. Under macro view, the bands are woven in different ways but the comfort of wearing is enjoyable for both.

I am particularly liking the design with the genuine leather patch. It is subtle, low profile, yet elegant to look at and comfortable to touch. The only thing I worry about is that I have small wrist and the patch will always be at my inner wrist and hit the desk or dining table that I rest my arms on. The color of the patch also complement with the color of the band itself which is a very nice touch by Monowear designers.


The velcro fastener has its own pros and cons. It is extremely easy to put on and get the band fasten or adjusted. It is water-proof but attracts dust, hair, lint or woven fabrics on the hook side which is quite difficult to remove. It may also lose effectiveness over time with repeated use due to the nature of this material but if you are good at sewing or so, you may be able to replace it on your own. Even if this is not something you prefer, you can always get yourself the regular Nylon Band from Monowear with watch buckles instead of velcro.

Overall speaking, I do appreciate Monowear offer a different yet welcomed design for a Nylon band for Apple Watch that stands out in the crowd. Make sure you head over to Monowear website now if you are interested in getting one of the bands as their Nylon Active and many other options are currently on sale for just $24.99.


Again, as you are our loyal blog audience, thanks to the sponsor from Monowear, you can enjoy discount at 15% for any of your purchase using the promo code SUPERPHEN15 at checkout. Happy shopping!

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