Review: JUUK Premium Stainless Steel Link Bracelet (38mm Brushed Revo)


The Apple’s Link Bracelet has been always on my wish list to complete my Apple Watch Band collection especially when I purchased my Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 2.


The reason that I have not convinced myself cashing in for the Link Bracelet is two-folded: Apple is putting up a relatively high premium over the band, despite its high quality manufacturing and material used; But there are abundant options in the aftermarket for the Link Bracelet in which these manufacturers keep refining its product yet maintaining a very competitive price with fairly close appearance and good quality against the genuine Link Bracelets.


Until I find JUUK Design, got a chance to talk over their Stainless Steel Band with Apple-like design, premium quality material, mainstream color options that match with the Silver and Black Apple Watches, it is pretty amazing that I could get a Link Bracelet at Apple’s quality for more than 50% off from Apple’s price tag. Thanks to their generous support and sponsorship, I can get hands on its brushed Revo band for this review.


The review unit I received is the satin brushed Revo band. The band itself and the double push button butterfly deployment buckle are made of solid 316L stainless steel. The steel feels so good in the hand and it weighs quite a bit at 91 grams. Comparing with other third-party Link Bracelets you couldn’t really get more than 60% of such weight.


The band come with a small screwdriver for link removal which is extremely handy. Moreover, there is also a free microfiber cloth included for cleaning the band and Apple Watch. This is not something you can get from those cheap options. Instead, JUUK makes the bundle and experience simply like what you will typically get for your high-end Swiss mechanical watches.


For a 38mm size, it fits wrist sizes up to 190mm (7.48 inches). I have a relatively small wrist at 155mm and I have to remove 6 links in total. The screwed links are really classic in the mechanical watch world and this makes the link removal or addition process painless and intuitive for users without any professional watch tools.

Notably speaking, the sides are polished to match the Stainless Steel Apple Watch case that  gives a very Apple-like look to the band. Scratch on a polished metal band is basically inevitable. I have seen tons of negative reviews for the Apple Link Bracelet that users find it extremely non-scratch-resistant and with fading finish, not worthing $400…etc.


Thanks to the brushed finish on the surface of the JUUK band, it is hardly noticeable with any major scratch during my heavy usage over the week. I do notice micro-scratch on the side during the photography but only under my Sony Macro Lens.


Despite the fact that I am not a big fan of a butterfly clasp, I am really amazed by the quality that JUUK has obviously spent some effort in making its butterfly deployment buckle with very high quality stainless steel and perfectly manufactured parts that are way better than what you can get for 50 bucks on Amazon or eBay.



Overall speaking, my personal experience with the JUUK Stainless Steel Link Bracelet for Apple Watch has been incredible. It provides me with premium look that what the price can translate. The high-quality stainless steel with some weight to the wrist gives me a feel that I am wearing a luxury mechanical watch that I have never owned.


With a number of recommendations from various top tech blogs, same story here that I couldn’t agree more to you for this band as you can’t really go wrong with the spending on this band at less than $200 price point that has a much higher value-for-money than Apple can offer.


Last but not least, JUUK is currently launching a new Kickstarter campaign for its Premium Aluminum Apple Watch Bands which is color-matching with the current Apple Watch Sport line-up with aluminum casing. I personally really look forward to the red band that should go really well with any of the colors of the Apple Watches.


The campaign has already been 115% fully funded to original goal but your further support will trigger their commitment to bring the above cool red Aluminum Band or even a Jet Black option to the market. The campaign still has 12 days to do so make sure you check out and pledge this exciting Kickstarter campaign and also more currently available Apple Watch Bands in JUUK’s online store.

You can now use promo code SUPERPHEN10 to get 10% off for any purchase there!

Be sure to check out more Apple Watch Band reviews here and let me know what you think about any of the bands I reviewed in the comment section.

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  1. Aayaan says:

    JUUK Premium stainless steel link bracelet is look very nice . The high -quality of stainless steel is very amazing watch . we choose color in it we like and want put it . This watch is very useable and i like so much . I want buy it . THANKS FOR SHARING .


  2. Barbie says:

    I’m looking to purchase the red link band where can I buy it


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      You can buy from Juuk website or Amazon. I had the web link in the post


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