Hands-on: Third-party Nike+ Apple Watch Bands (6 Unofficial Colors)

There has been a number of requests from the Apple Watch community on the new Nike+ sport bands. As Apple is not selling the bands separately, this leaves current Apple Watch owners who really want the cool-looking Nike+ bands with two options: either get a Nike+ edition Apple Watch Series 2, or get from third-party sellers at a competitive price.

iDownloadblog and 9to5Toys shared quite a few options you can get from the Amazon US sellers Some best sellers you may be able to get in the U.S..But don’t expect them to ship those new colors until late November.

Earlier this month, there was a preliminary review on one of the bands with official color from Apple. But there were calls for other colors such as Midnight blue/White and Red/Black that look pretty amazing and not offered by Apple.


I have got in touch with multiple sellers in China recently to learn about the stock availability on those unofficial colored Nike+ bands and finally, we have just able to get the stock arrived couple days ago, including Midnight Blue/White, Pink/Azure, Red/Black, Black/Green, Purple/Green, and a new color Azure/Volt for my 38mm Apple Watches at an average price at $10 with freight cost inclusive.


Currently, only the Azure/Navy band has yet arrived. Make sure you follow my Instagram as I may be sharing cool pictures of this Nike+ band as soon as it is arrived if I have got good stats on this review. Anyway, let’s get started.

Face up

In terms of color, there is not so much a variance to promotional pictures in those stores under normal daylight or white light environments. The look is basically what you would expect from the pictures or your genuine Nike+ bands. They look almost 100% replica that you can hardly notice major differences.

Face down

Certainly, there are subtle touches that Apple does a better job. For instance, the Black/Volt band will come with black pin-and-tuck for better color matching, and same for other official Nike+ bands. The knockoffs here, however, could only offer standard silver-colored ones.


For these third-party Nike+ bands for 38mm Apple Watches, they only come with one single size S/M. I compared the Red/Black band with the Product Red Apple band and the longer side is around 3mm difference which Apple’s is slightly longer. Specially, I noticed that then color is slightly less sharp than the genuine red band. Yet still look good matching with the black color holds.


In terms of feel and quality, the bands are surprisingly good in terms of comfort and smoothness at this price point. There is no bad or strong smell from the Silicone. But it is slightly thinner and lighter that you can feel it.


I do noticed that this first generation knockoff Nike+ band is imperfect at the adapter side. It is half a millimeter short from the Apple Watch case. Nonetheless it is not significantly noticeable but you cannot expect perfect manufactured quality from Apple on their Sport bands.


For those who may be interested in some of the specific colors, here are some shots on individual bands with good white balance and lighting:

Midnight Blue/White
Black/Green (not Volt)
Pink/Azure, Azure/Volt

Overall speaking, you can’t really go wrong at a price tag of $10 or less for a third-party Sport band made of Silicone. The quality is good for the price. The band is pretty well manufactured with little flaws. It is comfortable to wear.


More importantly, there are tons of color options in addition to official colors. Even though there is no any color that you like at the moment, there could be more colors coming up as third-party market hears better from customers and more responsive to popular requests.


Hope you find this review useful and be sure to check out other Apple Watch band reviews and follow my Instagram for more daily cool pictures.


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  1. Bruce Joo says:

    How I cantact you for detail review due to hoco have release the new nike+ band for apple watch, link: https://www.focuseak.com/products/new-look-soft-silicone-sport-band-for-apple-watch-nike-and-apple-watch
    We can offer you a free sample. focuseak@yahoo.com is my email adress.

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    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Thanks for reaching out. I will drop you an email regarding this.


  2. possmo says:

    Where can I buy the azure volt color?


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