Review: Handmade Satchel Brown Apple Watch Leather Strap from Outline Leather Goods

A leather strap is always by favorite and go-to for my Apple Watch Series 2 not only because any color and tan of leather hides match perfectly with the glossy Stainless Steel watch case, but also a relative elegant choice for business attire that I need to put on most weekdays.

Pre-production image credit: Outline Leather Goods

We have had quite a few reviewed on the blog and yet most of them looks good but they may look alike as well with little customization. You may be able to get similar quality from Etsy but you have to go by trial and error. If you are looking for something different with various customization flexibilities, guaranteed quality and a decent, affordable price, the handmade Apple Watch leather straps from Outline Leather Goods could be one of the best options out there.


Found by two cousins, Matt and Mark, and based in Britain, Outline Leather Goods is a brand dedicated to craft stunningly high quality, customisable leather products from the finest materials in their Midlands workshop, with intense time and care put in each one. Their custom-made leather strap aims at giving a dramatic transform to the look of Apple Watches of their customers.

Outline Leather Satchel Brown Apple Watch Strap 30.JPG

That maximum customization rarely offered in market gives customers the nicest experiences to shop Apple Watch straps with Outline Leather Goods. Not only that both 38mm and 42mm sizes are available, but also 190 different combinations that you can choose from the below as you wish:

  • Stitching style: Minimal (£55) or Traditional (£65)
  • Hides: Amber Tan, Vintage Gold, Satchel brown, Dark black, Venetian grey
  • Stitching thread: Oxblood, Red, Bright red, Orange, Yellow, Lime green, Emerald, Teal, Royal blue, Navy blue, Violet, Aubergine, Light brown, Hazelnut brown, Écru, Mouse grey, Slate grey, Black

The tailor-made leather strap

Thanks to the sponsor from Outline Leather Goods, we have got a chance to have a customized Apple Watch strap for this review – the Satchel Brown Apple Watch leather strap with traditional écru stitching.


My impression at first glance was incredible. The craftmanship is incredible. The smell of the leather is delightful too.

The leather pieces were evenly cut and shaped. The layers of lather piece is thicker than expected and they are securely, properly glued together. The leather, despite not the softest out of the box, grows better throughout the week as being worn every day.

The strap is hand stitched along the entire strap with French linen thread, and Using a 6-millimetre stitch length, these straps are back-stitched at all overlapping points to ensure their strength. The stitching aligns with the edges on the two separate bands and the free loop, and no loose thread is sticking out.


The stainless steel adapters and buckle are of high quality. They are well-polished to match with the Stainless Steel Apple Watches.

The adapters are also perfectly sized to fit in the Apple Watch Series 2 casing where I could find no visible gap nor did I find any loosen parts.


I highly recommend the Apple Watch leather straps from Outline Leather Goods. For a sub-hundred dollar option, this is by far the best I have ever reviewed for Apple Watch straps made of premium quality leather, threads and hardware with fine stitching.


In addition to perfection in craftmanship, there is also a high level of customization on stitching style, leather hides and stitching options that can rarely be found in the Apple Watch aftermarket, in which most are basically standardized by machined mass production. For around $60, there is a very good value for money for a relatively unique good-looking Apple Watch strap that could easily get random compliments around.

Head over to the Apple Watch Strap session on Outline Leather Goods and shop for your holiday gifts now and be sure to check out our Instagram and Outline Leather’s Gallery for more high quality photos in addition to what are shown in this review.

Let me know what you think about the handmade Satchel Brown Apple Watch leather strap from Outline Leather Goods in the comment session below and check out many more Apple Watch band reviews here exclusively on Superphen’s Tech Blog.

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