Review: Italian Caviar Leather Apple Watch Band from Sonamu (New York)

There are quite a number of the premium Apple Watch Leather bands in the market and it is really hard to find a great piece from the ocean of third-party options, unless you try it one by one, or you go straightly to Apple and pay for that premium for the Apple and Hermes brands.


Thanks to the sponsor from Sonamu New York, I get to know there is a really nice piece of nice handcrafted leather bands that are made of the leathers used by Hermes and Chanel. In this review, we will take a look at their flagship Italian Cavier Leather Band which you can find the same texture on the luxurious Chanel leather bags.

$160 On sale for $119.99 – Order now (or from Amazon)

About Sonamu

As named, founded in New York, Sonamu founder David visited the most renowned leather tanneries in Italy and France. The personal dedication they showed to the raw material inspired him to bring it back to life.


As we embrace new technologies in our daily lives, Sonamu has been searching ways to adapt them while keeping our classic styles and tradition intact on the leather goods that are around us from daily essentials to fashion.

About the Italian Caviar Leather Band

The band comes with a classy design made of high quality leather, well stitched, the Apple Watch adapter of your choice to match with your Apple Watch case, either Aluminmum or Stainless Steel, and a glossy polished stainless steel butterfly clasp that holds the bands together.


Key features:

  • Handcrafted with genuine Italian Caviar leather
  • Type of leather also used by Chanel
  • Automatic Stainless Steel Clasp ensure easy lock & take
  • Color options include Navy, Black and Scarlet
  • Compatible with 42MM Apple Watch / Sport/ Edition ONLY

Quick Takes

The leather band is born to be very soft and comfortable. You can feel it right away that the geniune leather is high quality as it feels and looks exactly the same as those being used on thousand dollar handbags and purse. The good thing is, the premium leather is not only used on the upper layer, but also the inner layer and the free loops.

Despite small flaws under the Macro Lens, the quality of stitching has been generally good. The stainless steel butterfly buckle feels solid and premium. Opening and closing are buttery smooth without friction. The clasp is secure enough so there should be no fear of having the band loosen by accident.


The adapters are okay and what you would expect from third-party bands. My only complain is that the adapter does not have screws hence locked to the band and you can’t change it to match with other Apple Watch casing if you need some day.


With 4.5-star rating on Amazon, you can’t go wrong with the purchase on this Italian Caviar Leather Apple Watch Band From Sonamu especially there is holiday sale going on. The watch band is premium, but at a relatively better value for money than what Hermes or Apple Leather bands could offer. It makes your Apple Watch look like a luxury watch and a classy functional jewelry rather than a piece of tech gadget.

Be sure to check out Sonamu’s other line up with a lower price with French Epsom Leather with a number of color options that look stunning as well (Dark Brown, Khaki, Mahogany, Blue Black, Black, Brown).


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