Preview: JUUK Ligero Premium Aluminum Apple Watch Band

Two months ago, we reviewed a great Link Bracelet alternative from JUUK with fantastic build quality and relatively much affordable price. It was very welcomed and followed by our review, Jeff Benjamin from 9to5Mac has also done a very nice review on the Revo band with more color variants showing in the video. Check these out if you have not yet.

JUUK Revo Link Bracelet.jpg

Thanks to the sponsorship from JUUK again, I am lucky to try on their pre-production samples of their upcoming Ligero Aluminum Apple Watch Band that had a great success Kickstarter Campaign earlier in 2016. In this quick review I will share my first impression to the bands and something you may need to know about the final product if you are one of those who pre-ordered.


Right now I have got four color variants – Silver, Cosmic (Matte) Grey, Ruby (Matte Red) and Pink which are available for pre-order except the Pink one. They are made of 6061 series hard anodized aluminum with the following technical specifications:

  • Solid 316L stainless steel double push button butterfly deployment buckle
  • Weighs 46 or 53 grams for 38mm or 42mm variants
  • Fits the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2
  • Comes with Link Removal Tool and Micro-fiber cloth for cleaning

My first impression is on the weight. It is much lighter than the Revo Stainless Steel Band to go with if you are going for a workout or outdoor activity that gives you less burden on the wrist. It is very comfortable to wear not only for its relative light weight, but also the well-manufactured anodized matte finish on the aluminum. The material is strong and solid. Unlike those low-cost replica link bracelets that use Aluminum to replace Stainless Steel which is very soft and easily deformed with some force. This did not happen on the Ligero Bands.


The design looks aesthetically pleasing and has taken a more sporty approach. The links are very flexible to adapt to my wrist after removing some of the links. There are smaller links for users to add or remove so to make the band a better fit for the wrist. I did remove one of those so it is now just about right to wear in comfort. And according to JUUK:

Of note is the fact that we have full sized removable links at 8mm, but much less common among the cheap bands, we’ve also designed 2 smaller 5mm removable links. What this means is that the different combinations of removable links has vastly increased from just taking out multiples of 8mm, to the possibilities of taking out 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 13mm gaps…so ultimately this gives you a lot more, finer adjustment options to fit your wrists.

The pins and buckles work very well without any major issues. The pins on the links are secure and the connector is tight enough to hold in the Apple Watch slot so the band is basically impossible to fall out.


For those who may have pre-ordered, notably speaking, JUUK has been working much further than other watch makers in the market with their engineering team and manufacturing partners to make the band perfect for all the backers and customers who pre-ordered it. They include a custom designed and developed tool for their advanced concave Custom Capsa Pins, which will be much easier to hunt around than traditional pins for removing links from the band, ultimately making it a better experience for the users to adjust the length of the band without any clutter. For technical details, feel free to check out the FAQ session on JUUK’s official page.


Another perfection they are to chase for is minimizing the gap between the connector link and first link by having a 10 degree drop. It will look much better than the pre-production prototype you are seeing now which I personally think it works better than the Stainless Steel version I am currently wearing by looking at some snapshots I received from JUUK on this. This is a very good news for users with smaller wrist, no matter it is 38mm or 42mm watches, you are getting a nicer look from the band without big gaps here and there.


One more thing is about the buckle. The buckles on the pre-production samples look and work very well as far as I tested them out over the month. They are well-polished and smooth against the skin. However, it is always not good enough from JUUK’s perspective. They are using a nicer buckle than the current one you see. Certainly we will share with you when we received the final product later.


Last but not least, there will be quite a number of color variants other than the four we showed in this preview coming up from JUUK. So stay tuned with us for more follow-up review once they come out in the near future. Meanwhile, if you are interested in getting some JUUK bands which are currently on sale, head over to JUUK Store and pick your band for 10% off with promo code SUPERPHEN10.

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  1. Aayaan says:

    This APPLE WATCH BAND is really comfortable. These watch band design look very Attractive and fit when we wear it .These watch is very soft and after month this watch look same as well as . In this watch no wait and easily wear because its link very flexible . I Like this watch .


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