Quick review: Noyce 4-meter Lightning Cable

A few months ago, NOYCE Labs sent me a package of a stunningly long Lightning charging cable at 4-meter (13 feet) long, which is said to be the longest cable you can find in the market.

Noyce Lightning Cable 03

Buy now – $19.99

Product specification

  • The longest lightning cable on the market – 13ft (4m) length
  • Genuine leather Tie handmade from 100% genuine leather from Brasil
  • Thick oxygen free copper wires ensure fast charging

Noyce Lightning Cable 09

My first impression was – that cable is super long which is very nice to have. And my second though was already – what am I going to use with such a long charging cable?

Noyce Lightning Cable 12

In terms of design, there is basically nothing spectacular in terms of the cable itself as it looks pretty much the same as the original Apple Lightning Cable. The only gem we can find here is the genuine leather tie that help keep the super-long cable organized. It is high quality and feels durable as far as I have tested it.

Noyce Lightning Cable 15

The description claim that double shielding is used for perfect data sync. There is also no error message telling you that the cable is not supported by the device like those cheap eBay low cost cables. I am unable to tell whether or not it is MFi certified or not, but it simply get the job done.

Noyce Lightning Cable 17

It is also said that the cable has undergone bend tests for over 5,000 times and observed no damage or change in performance. I did not intend to do so but so far I found no damage or significant wear-and-tear on my cable as time goes.

In terms of performance, do not expect something fancy like many cables that can take high current at 2.4A or even 3.0A. The Noyce cable performs as good as Apple’s stock Lightning Cable, which is not really a bad thing considering its length and energy loss throughout the cable.

Noyce Lightning Cable 11

You can get it from Amazon for $19.99 where the cable has a 5-star rating so far.

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