Review: Tomtoc 15.6 Inch Lightweight Laptop Backpack

As a tech guy, I always need to carry my gadgets and daily drivers around for different occasions, to office and outdoor events. I do need a nice gadget or laptop backpack with me. I do not need it to branded with premium price, and there is no need to be super fancy with tons of pockets here and there when I eventually put something away and leave it there forever.

A new arrival product from Tomtoc, the 15.6 Inch Lightweight Premium Laptop Backpack is a very budget-friendly I have found that fulfilled my need for minimalistic design and good amount of practicality.

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9Main features:

  • Large multi-functional storage pockets interior and exterior to house laptops, books, and other articles in one place
  • Anti-theft back pocket with zipper design ensures security of valuable articles
  • Cotton-padded shoulder straps and back padding offer extra back support and comfort
  • Top leather handle to save energy for holding and picking up the backpack
  • Splash-proof and wear-resistant, extra-durable premium-grade polyester material with reinforced bottom and detailing
  • Casual and unisex-style design that ensures fit for school, camping, a short trip, or everyday use


  • Main Compartments: 17.32” (H) x 12.4” (L) x 6.5” (W)
  • Shoulder Straps: 17.8” -33.8”
  • Weight: 0.6kg / 1.32lb

The main zipper-protected compartment

The main compartment is quite a big one that can stuff in tons of items. The laptop pocket at the back can easily accommodate a 15-inch laptop, not to say my 13-inch Macbook Pro. Though I have quite a bit of room to fit in some physical files and documents, or even an iPad Air 2, into the laptop pocket, I do hope there is a strap with magic type that I can secure the laptop better. But it can simply get the job done for holding a laptop.

Tomtoc backpack 34

One special feature that most other backpacks missed is a velcro closure hook for headphone. This comes in handy if your headphone does not have a carrying pouch.

Tomtoc backpack 38

Another feature that I love is the inner mesh pocket that I can put in some smaller items like my security card for work, keys and charging cables. The size is big enough to comfortably fit in the Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons installed. If you don’t have a carrying case, it is a convenient option for you to carry the gaming console around.

Tomtoc backpack 39

Inside the main compartment there are two interior flips that you can hold water bottles securely which is also a nice touch to the backpack.

Outer compartments

There is a main front zipper compartment at the front side of the backpack. For illustration purpose, you can easily put away two or three mid-size powerbanks. Of course, you can put some less valuable items that you need to get them in a handy manner.

Tomtoc backpack 35

At the back there is a secure pocket that you can put very important or valuable items in it. The size is approximately equivalent to a Kindle Paperwhite so it is more than enough for wallets, keys or smartphone. This anti-theft design of the zipper pocket at the back can help protect all your valuables in safe.

Tomtoc backpack 40

There are also two small side pocket that you can put a powerbank for charing convenience or throw bottles of drinks like normal travel backpack. Notably speaking, the right pocket comes with a water-proof design for wet tissues and umbrella with a hole at the bottom of the pocket to drain water away.

Other features I like

One nice touch is the top handle strap that is made of genuine leather. Not only that the brown leather looks good and aesthetically matches perfectly with the matte black finish of the backpack.

Additionally, the shoulder strap and back support are great. It is super comfortable to wear on the shoulder and to my back.

Tomtoc backpack 44

Final thoughts

The Tomtoc 15.6 Inch Lightweight Premium Laptop Backpack is a very travel-friendly backpack with a unisex, stylish design that fits every occasions, both leisure and formal, as everyone’s daily companion. It is born with light weight. The material feels tough and premium. The build quality is excellent.

It has a sufficient amount of slots, compartments and pockets for different purposes and items and keep them all in secure places. The only thing that I missed a lot is a top padded pocket that I was so used to on my Incase Laptop Backpack.

Tomtoc backpack 33

Afterall, the Tomtoc backpack has become my new daily driver and I personally wear it for work every weekday, traveling around cities nearby, as well as weekend hangouts. I cannot recall how many times I received compliment for this backpack in terms of design and functionality. The stylish, sleek, black finish looks minimal and aesthetically outstanding. More importantly, it is a very practical as a normal backpack or a hardcore tech-bag.

Overall speaking, it is an awesome budget option if you are looking for a backpack like this one. For around $30, it is differently not the cheapest you can go with a laptop backpack. But it will not break your bank and it worth every penny in my opinion. So if you are interested, head over to Amazon and get this 5-star rated backpack for yourself for just $32.99

*Featured image credit to Tomtoc

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