Start your workout easily with Smart Fitness iPhone App

I have been slacking off for workout for quite a while, even though I have my Apple Watch and getting started with Workout is just couple taps away.

Nevertheless, if you don’t own an Apple Watch and professional workout apps are too overwhelming for you, then you should give Smart Fitness a try.

Smart Fitness – Daily & Custom Workouts – Download Now ($0.99)

The app started with some splash screens that tells you what it can do for you and make things simple for you to start any workout sessions to get leaner, slimmer or stronger. From there, you are prompted to turn on notifications and connect with the Apple Health App but all under your control.

Smart Fitness 01

There are basically two major functions in Smart Fitness that you can utilize. First is the Daily and Customs Workout, as named in the app itself. If you look for casual workout plans, simply select Start Daily Workout and the app will pick a few sessions for you to complete based on your first selection above. If you are picky on this, you can always opt for Customs Workout and there are tons of options for you to make a perfect combination.

Smart Fitness 02

The second one is the Dashboard. From there, you are view your Steps, Calories Burnt, Flights Climbed and Distance (Ml) travelled. There is no extra function there but just gives you an overview on what you have achieve so far for the day.

Smart Fitness 03

Don’t expect get fancy stuff as you would pay way more than that for subscriptions in full-functioned workout apps. For a dollar only you are actually getting an univeral app that supports both iPhones and iPads. It deliveres more than what you are paying for, an intuitive user interface that tracks and take you through any customized or preset workout sessions. If you are interested, head over to the App Store and check out Smart Fitness now.

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