Personal Cyber Security Risks Continue to Grow At An Alarming Rate

The need for better cybersecurity systems was a campaign issue in 2016. The Hillary Clinton private email debacle was a wake up call for the federal government, and for millions of people in the United States. Obama knew how important it was to upgrade the federal government’s cybersecurity system, so he put a $19 billion budget on the tablet. But President Trump didn’t waste any time when he put an executive order in place to protect the nation’s infrastructure, and to update the government information technology networks. But the Trump order didn’t go far enough, according to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council. Twenty-eight members of the council gave their notice, when the Trump order became public knowledge.

The Trump administration is not paying enough attention to personal cyber security, according to members of National Infrastructure Advisory Council. That leaves the door open for the cyber-attackers that embezzle, damage data, steal money, and intellectual property, as well as destroy productivity. A recent Cybersecuirty Ventures Report shined a spotlight on the personal cyber security situation as well as the lack of government cyber security when the cost of cyber threats became public knowledge. According to the report, cyber threat protection costs will be more than $6 trillion by 2021.

Dr. Alissa Johnson, the CSIO of Xerox and the former Deputy CIO at the White House, thinks the government should update their cyber security systems, but she also thinks personal cyber security is everyone’s responsibility. The number and the intensity of cyberattacks is increasing at an alarming rate, and the quest to protect people from these attacks is still in its infancy. But there are companies that are changing the dynamics of personal cyber security and one of those companies is Rubica.

The Rubica cybersecurity system is not new. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Rubica deals with physical and personal cyber security issues by tracking personal behavioral patterns. There no manuals to follow and there’s no hardware involved.

The Rubica personal cyber security system is not a complicated system. If you know how to download, then downloading the Rubica app is a piece of cake. Once you download the app on one device, you can add all other personal devices.

The Rubica app is a great personal cyber security system. The app investigates suspicious behavior, and it keeps people safe wherever they are in the world. Rubica app users can see the events that prompted an investigation, they can access activity on all their devices as well as view their protection status, and ask questions.

Plus, the Rubica app also aids in the quest to enhance a personal cyber security system by having experts on call 24/7. The qualified cybersecurity specialists with experience working with Scotland Yard, the United States Navy, and NSA can help. Everything anyone needs to feel comfortable with a personal cyber security system is on the Rubica app.

And another important feature of the Rubica app is the company’s ability to examine data in real time using artificial intelligence tools. The Rubica cybersecurity system can adjust itself from the anomalies and threats that continually surface.

Featured image credit: VentureBeat

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