Nomad Hub: The ultimate way to organize your power

For those who have been engaging with our blog and Instagram account would know we have been digging into good desk setups. It has been a tough search since the JustMobile AluCharge, my daily driver of USB charging hub on my office desk, has broken down couple months ago due to inrush current on a typhoon day. However, the problem has been solved thanks to Nomad’s latest line-up – the 5-port USB Charging Hub.

nomad hub 01

A sophisticated multi-port USB charging hub. Capable of charging up to 3 or 5 devices at once and designed to blend into your home’s decor. Discreetly hidden under its matte rubber top, Hub’s backside houses five high-powered standard USB ports and a cable routing passage for clean cable management.

Buy Now – $49.95

Features and Technical specifications

  • Powers up to 3 or 5 USB devices
  • High power output
  • LED charging indicators
  • Ambient light sensor dims LED’s at night
  • Soft matte rubber top
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Molded TPE footing
  • Steel inserts for added stability
  • 5 Port: Max output of 27W
  • 5 Port: Two high-output 2.4A and three standard 1A USB ports
  • 3 Port: Max output of 20W
  • 3 Port: One high-output 2.1A and two standard 1A USB ports
  • LED charge status indicators
  • 1.2 meter cable from wall power source
  • USA plug style only


The Nomad Hub ships with a very nice package with fine-printed cover with all product features and details. It is quite a sizable and heavy box at my first impression as itself is of high quality in terms of design and material used.

Slide open the cover and open up the inner hard paper box, you will find the Nomad Hub itself, an 240V/12V US charger plug, and you could find some instructions to help you to start with when you take out the Nomad Hub.

Setup, performance and impressions

The Nomad Hub is indeed a palm-size device that looks tempting and sleek in terms of aesthetics and that you would love adding it into your current desk setup. The space gray matte finishing across the surface and overall body does easily fit into every setup, however it is more apparent to dust and dirt over time.

The magic happens underneath the sleek surface. Turning the device upside down you can find the 5 USB-A ports that supports either 1A or 2.4A outputs. There is also a cable routing passage that help you keep the cables organized and connectors discreetly hidden under the surface. And setting up will not be any more intuitive – simple plug-in the power cord and your charging cables and you are good to go!

nomad hub 12

There is not too much going on the face but there it goes with one of the best features of Nomad Hub, is that you know right away from the LED indicators if a specific device is plugged in or has been fully charged.

nomad hub 11

Performance-wise, the Nomad Hub performs as advertised. I did not notice any difference on charging speed across any USB-C devices and Apple devices that I own and tested with. I would say it is equivalent to normal power plugs. Rerouting and simultaneous charging do not affect the overall performance.

nomad hub 10

However, I do suggest you plug-in compatible cables and devices according to the optimal charging current it can accommodate, as a common safety measure that we should all be aware of. For instance, I plug-in Apple Watch charger and USB-C for Nintendo Switch into 1A ports, iPhones and some other USB-C QC supported smartphones and portable power packs under 2.4A.

nomad hub 04

A few comments about the Nomad Hub are that I did experience some glitches with unstable charging current when the US plug just slightly loosen from an international adapter. Other than that, I did not come across any issue with using the Nomad Hub. Nevertheless, I do hope the followings to happen if there is any future iteration of the Nomad Hub:

  • Charger cable with extended length
  • Ships with cable organizer or wraps for even better cable management
  • An on/off switch to avoid damage by electric surge as always being plugged in
  • International power plug option
  • USB-C output

Final thoughts

But overall speaking, as a long-term loyal customer of Nomad, I have been enjoying the Nomad Hub a lot throughout a full-week usage. It did clean up my desk from having cables hanging around from the wall plugs.

nomad hub 13

Not only can it perform good, but also looks extremely clean and its compact size should fit in easily regardless how you setup your desk. If you are interested, head over to Nomad and get yours today for just $49.95.


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