Review: BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Bands


As one of the Apple Watch lovers and enthusiasts, and three generations of Apple Watches have been released, we have gone overboard and published over 50 articles reviewing Apple Watch Bands, basically since Day 1 that the first generation Apple Watch was physically delivered.

Most of them comes from the United States and some Asian countries. However, one big name from Europe was missing from the line-up as many of you from Germany might have heard of. The brand is called BandWerk.

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 81

About BandWerk

Fascinated by the new potential that Apple Watch offers and excited by the possibility of changing watch straps in seconds, BandWerk aims at offering an alternative that should satisfy both watch enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts to express their styles with luxurious, classic leather watch straps manufactured in Germany of the highest quality at a fair price.

As much featured by a number of Instagram influencers, including Alaska Setups and Nikolay Tarashchenko, BandWerk has already gained considerable amount of exposure in the Apple Watch community. Thanks to the sponsors from BandWerk, we are happy to present you with some of the greatest German craftsmanship from them.

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 24

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Bands featured in this review:


The BandWerk Apple Watch bands are shipped with the best packaging I have ever reviewed with. Each of the wooden boxes are properly wrapped like a gift with black paper and thin hemptwist, with the BandWerk business card attached. Unwrapping the gift packaging will bring us to the wooden box that contains the Apple Watch band itself, which is also protected by a cloth bag inside the box.

One of the neatest feature here is that the wooden box color actually matches with your Apple Watch and the hardware you ordered. For instance, we have the Space Gray one stored in the darker color wooden box. Overall, very decent unboxing experience here.

Details and impressions

The leather pieces used are of high quality. The Cordovan and Saffiano straps have a two-tone design and have neat stitching on the edge of both sides of the leather. Due to the thickness, the leather is on the moderately stiff side however has softened over a week’s usage and gradually fits better around my relatively small wrist.

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 15

The straps have two loops for securing the other longer strap. The one closest to the buckle is fixed and the other one is free. As a traditional design, the buckle uses a buckle tongue and adjustment holes. All straps come with nine holds so it basically fits most wrist sizes as you may concern.

Like most of the Apple Watch band manufacturers, BandWerk allows you to tailor make the stainless steel hardware (adapter and buckle) of the watch band to fit for the Apple Watch you are rocking with. Customers can also upgrade the Apple Watch band to butterfly clasp by adding $22.80 to any of the purchase.

In this review, we have the Space Gray and Silver Stainless Steel hardware going along with the watch bands. The quality is pretty good. It is frictionless to slide in the adapter to the Apple Watch housing. The buckle also fits in well with the width of the band. This has made fastening the buckle extremely easy without struggling with friction and size mismatch as some cheaper quality ones may have.


Last but not least, as usual, in order to best represent and show you the details of the BandWerk Apple Watch bands in review, we have taken a few high-resolution pictures of each of the bands attached to an Apple Watch and complemented by our daily setups.

ZURICH Cordovan Shell Cordovan leather (Black)

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 10

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 08

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 87

PARIS Saffiano-Leather with elegant embossing (Brown)

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 89

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 29

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 95

STOCKHOLM Soft Vintage leather (Grey)

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 07

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 99

BandWerk Leather Apple Watch Band 30

What do you think about the Leather Apple Watch Bands from BandWerk? Let me know in the comment and be sure to check out more Apple Watch Band reviews and more pictures on the official Instagram.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Angelika Burgmann says:

    Toller Artikel! Das macht ihr Jungs ziemlich gut… Wünsche euch weiterhin viel Erfolg!


  2. Martin says:

    Schöne Bilder, viel Arbeit. Wer weiß denn wohl, was das für eine Halterung das ist, wo sich das Ladeteil für die watch drin befindet.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A Owen says:

    I bought the Stockholm Grey strap and it began to fall apart after wearing for only a few days. I contacted BandWerk and they haven’t even replied after 3 weeks! Beware!


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Sorry to hear that. I used the strap for months and it held up well.


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