Review: Caudabe Minimalistic iPhone 8 Cases

Looking at the fact that I just got my Smart Wallet Billion delivered before I head on to my business trips, I am seriously looking to thin, sleek yet protective case that I can fit in the smart-phone compartment without stretching the genuine leather of the pocket. Until the day I learnt about Caudabe iPhone cases from a YouTube video by OT4Tech that fit exactly to my need of a slim case for my new iPhone 8 Plus that can be put into the Smart Wallet Billion. Thanks to the generous sponsor from Caudabe, we are going to review on all the line-ups of their iPhone cases, namely The Synthesis, The Sheath, The Veil XT and Lucid Clear.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 01

The Veil XT – Buy now for $11.45

The Veil XT is featured for its impossibly 0.35mm thinness, as the thinnest iPhone case that sets gold standard in minimalist iPhone cases.

Putting on the Veil XT case onto my iPhone 8 Plus, it feels as if I snapped a piece of skin onto the phone. The case precisely wraps around every parts and corners of the phone with just-sufficient thickness only to protect the surface from daily wear-and-tear and potential scratches.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 16

I particularly in love in looking at the rise-up cut-out for the camera bump. It is serving its purpose and is pleasing to look at as well. The finishing of the Veil XT case is micro-etched matte so it is not only resulting in smooth aesthetics but also have certain level of grip in the hand.

As the Veil XT case is not designed to protect the phone from drop at height, it is barely covering the body of the phone without having rise-up around the edge of the phone so literally no protection for the iPhone screen. This is the only one but biggest trade-off if you opt for extreme minimalistic feel for an iPhone case.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 27

Nonetheless, Veil XT is an excellent choice for thin case lovers, and for those who always go for case-less may also consider getting one for minimal protection for their pricy new iPhones.

The Sheath – Buy now for $25.95

The Sheath is by far the best iPhone case I have ever used on my iPhone 8 Plus that fully protects the phone in every possible angle from normal-height drops and day-to-day scratches, without losing slimness and feels extremely grippy in hand. The case cannot get better description as “the perfect blend of minimalism and shock absorption” as titled on the order site that combines perfectly for user experience on feel and protection.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 04

The Caudabe Sheath case features a 0.90mm thin ShockLiteTM soft, gel-like, flexible polymer material that protects the iPhone against a 2m drop. With a matte finish all around the case, the Sheath case is extremely not slippery in hand, and it is absolutely not a fingerprint magnet.

The Sheath case has cutouts of all ports as needed – the rear camera, flash and microphone, power button, mute switch, Lightning charging port and speaker grills – and they are all well-protected thanks to precise manufacture of the cutout size and positions wrapping around rounded edges and thicker material is used. Unlike the Veil XT case, the Sheath case has a slightly raised edges that help protect screen shattering upon drops.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 94

Without having to overdo on fancy designs and functions, the Caudabe Sheath case is going way beyond than getting the job done just right in low profile. Less is more – this case is simply what you need from an iPhone case – minimal design, easy installation, strong grip, light weight, 360 degree protection. Highly recommended.

The Synthesis – Buy now for $25.95

If you are a hardcore fan of getting your iPhone protected with monster capability, Synthesis could be one of your best options.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 42

The Synthesis iPhone case is the most protective case that Caudabe has manufactured. With a fusion of a soft, rugged, flexible perimeter manufactured from ShockLiteTM and a hard, micro-etched, matte back shell, the case is capable to protect your iPhone on a 3m drop which is more than sufficient for daily use of a normal person.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 53

The Caudabe Synthesis case is reasonable priced at affordable $30, but has very high value for money. Despite of being named a rugged protective case, the Synthesis is not bulky at all and I can still fit in my Smart Wallet without any friction, yet it provides extra protection for the screen and rear camera bump properly without letting them stretched on any surfaces.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 40

Last but not least, the Sheath case has an even better and more tactile feedback on buttons than the Sheath case. So in a nutshell, you are paying a few bucks more for much better protection on your phone without trading off style and minimalism. Although it is not my go-to case for everyday use, I do recall when I feel adventurous on travelling and outdoor activity that my expensive iPhone is well-covered against most possible conditions and accidents.

Lucid Clear – Buy now for $25.95

If you feel like showing off your new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with the shiny glass back when it is significantly indistinguishable when the phone is snapped on with a case, the Lucid Clear is the best you can get from Caudabe, without lowering any level of protection than the three cases we mentioned above.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 39

The Lucid Clear is an ultra slim, crystal-clear case manufactured from the same impact resistant thermoplastic polymer used in bulletproof glass. One thing to note is that the case is not a soft case as the others. So it does feel more rigid and tighter when you put the case on and off from the phone.

Yet, the Lucid Clear is a case that fully protects your iPhone around all edges, buttons and ports. The build quality is solid and it is light-weight. The only issue I have is that, which is common for this kind of plastic case, fingerprint and oil do stick along and I found myself clean it more often than the other cases in order to keep it clean and look good.

Caudabe iPhone 8 Case 28

What do you think about the Caudabe iPhone cases and which one will you pick? Let me know in the comments below and I am happy to share with you more on my experience with the cases over time.

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