Quick Look: Handmade AirPods Leather Pouch from Cases em Couro

I have been using my AirPods for about half a year and the first day I did to the AirPods and the charging case is the snap on a Slickwrap skin to provide minimal protection against normal scratches, as well as to make it look more unique. However, the key issues for an AirPods skin are that, first, wear-and-tear can make the skin look old, dirty or broken. It is indeed a pain to swap to other skins and remove it from the case that I am unable to use the skin anymore as it loses adhesiveness.

Cases em Couro AirPods Cover 56

When the Elago Silicone AirPods Case releases, I do find it is something I looked for long as it is minimal and sleek. However meanwhile I was considering hitting the button to get one of those, a message from Cases em Couro based in Brazil, where it is 10 hours behind my Country, hit my Instagram inbox, and its package fled over the globe and arrived on my desk about a week ago.

Cases em Couro AirPods Cover 67

Cases em Couro is a relatively new company that focuses on creating customized, handmade genuine leather covers for various tech products including charger, speaker, AirPods, and more coming up.

Immediately upon unpacking the mail with 3 brand new, nicely done AirPods case covers, I peeled off my Slickwraps and installed one of them onto the AirPods case. It is a one-piece design and the genuine leather is definitely not on the stiff side so I can easily slide the case into the leather cover. There is also a piece of adhesive tape on the inner surface of the lid cover to help keep the cover in shape.

For the thickness of the leather and it basically wraps around all possible corners of the AirPod charging case, I do feel a much better protection the cover adds to my AirPods case. True story that I did drop once on a hard floor and the leather does bounce and absorb the force of hit.

Cases em Couro AirPods Cover 77

Noticeably speaking, as a general nature of genuine leather, I can assume the leather will stretch naturally with the AirPods case. Therefore, I am not intended to swap the leather pouches around once a while unless the current one breaks for some reason.

Cases em Couro AirPods Cover 64

At first trial, it does require a bit extra force to push in the leather cover in order to put everything aligned, especially the lid and the Lightning charging port at the bottom, so it will look nice without having any gap left showing the white part of the AirPods case.

Cases em Couro AirPods Cover 65

As a one-piece design, there is no buffer at the hinge so the lid may not be able to open fully at first place. But it will get better over time as the leather is more stretched.

Cases em Couro AirPods Cover 62

Additionally, the leather does add a bit of thickness to the AirPods case itself, which does interfere with some of the Lighting charging cables that have a bigger size connector. This is not something critical that you can always look for the Apple Lightning cable so charge up the case.

Cases em Couro AirPods Cover 75

Overall speaking, I do very much like the quality and precision of this handmade AirPods case cover. You can customize with the leather, color and stitching you prefer to make it truly unique that anyone can hardly find anywhere else at any local store.

Cases em Couro AirPods Cover 58

Head over to the Instagram account of Cases em Couro and order your customized AirPods case cover there.

Order now from the below for $35 only with free international shipping:

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