First Look: Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard

A few months ago, we reviewed the extremely popular type-writer inspired wireless mechanical keyboard from Lofree that fired up the competition for similar product in the industry with its excellent design and usability.

Just a few months later, followed by the great crowd-funding success of its predecessor that received great success on its crowd-funding project, the latest Lofree Four Seasons Keyboard, coming with refreshed package from packaging, color options, and mechanical upgrades.

lofree four season keyboard 02

In detailed summary on the specifications:

  • Four new colors that signify the natural division of the year, namely Vernal White, Aestival Blue, Autumnal Grey and Hibernal Black
  • A backlit keyboard with translucent keycaps, coated with vivid fonts
  • Improved keyboard layout
  • Optimization of the switch under large-sized keys
  • Gateron blue switch with refined tactile feel
  • Wired or wireless mode
  • Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android

We are glad to have received the first review unit that Lofree has sent out which is the Vernal White color option. And right now for those who are interested can only sign up for newsletter to get exclusive 25% off early-bird offer later when the pre-order starts. Here comes the galleries and first impressions on this new product.

lofree four season keyboard 08

In terms of design, the new Lofree Four Seasons keyboard, as how it was named, takes less sharp and contrast but instead a natural, more aesthetically pleasing approach, in my opinion, in the sense that the color tone and combination looks softer that the color flows gently along the gradient.

lofree four season keyboard 01

The keyboard buttons now receive a change from slightly glossy finish to a matte finish on the surface. It is indeed a better approach as it feels nicer on touch, and more importantly it does not attract fingerprints anymore. The functional switches also received a redesign that looks more subtle than what is on the first generation.

lofree four season keyboard 03

In term of form factor, the new Four Season keyboard is slightly wider than its predecessor by approximately half an inch by accommodating additional button on some rows to provide more flexibility for multiple platforms of usage, as well as larger buttons for certain keys for easier access. For instance, there is an additional Ctrl button on the right at the bottom row, and the Caps Lock key on the left is doubling its size.

lofree four season keyboard 05

In terms of functionality, it is basically the same. There are handy switches on the right hand side to turn Bluetooth on and off. You can always plug in the keyboard to make it wired in case it runs low on battery. There is also a brighter backlight underneath to make the keyboard more visible at dark working environment. On the user experience side, typing on the keyboard feels similar to the predecessor. It does feel easier to get the key stroke thanks to improved Gateron blue switch. The keys have more tactile feedback, but at a similar level of key travel.

lofree four season keyboard 07

Overall speaking, despite the fact that the new Four Season Keyboard looks pretty much alike its predecessor  at first glance, it does receive quite a bit of changes  from design perspective to those subtle improvements under the hood. If you are already a DOT keyboard user, you will not feel unfamiliar to use the Four Season Keyboard despite of all the changes. As much love has been given to the DOT Keyboard, I am pretty sure we will be seeing more to the Four Season Keyboard when it goes live.

lofree four season keyboard 09

How do you think about the upcoming new Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard? Stay tuned with Lofree by signing up for their newsletter here and be sure to check out more exclusive photos coming up on our Instagram feed.

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