Follow-up Review: Caudabe iPhone X Cases

Couple weeks ago, we reviewed a number of iPhone 8 Plus cases from Caudabe. Before the review, I have been swapping around a few of them over my business trip over the month. The cases protected my brand new iPhone 8 Plus very well. The cases did hold up pretty well without any scratches and scuff despite the fact that I did drop for one time, putting them on different surfaces and hitting corners for couple time.

Caudabe iPhone X Cases 59

As a follow-up on the previous review, and thanks to the sponsor from Caudabe again, we are going to take a look at all their iPhone X case line-ups on this review.

THE SHEATH – Buy now for $24.95

This is the case that I put on my iPhone X right away. In terms of basic specifications on paper, it looks exactly the same as its predecessor. However, in reality, the Caudabe Sheath case for iPhone X has quite a few major improvements over the one for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus that I love more on.

Caudabe iPhone X Cases 79

The first improvement is design. I am a big fan of two-tune design. And the Sheath case has a nice touch at the top of the back side of the case that has a carbon-fibre like pattern extending from the rear-camera hump. This design is familiar to me as it looks similar to the Spigen rugged case that I used for my OnePlus X couple years back.

Caudabe iPhone X Cases 86

Another nice touch on the design is the Caudabe logo at the bottom. It looks way more subtle than the one for iPhone 8. And I definitely prefer this one and hopefully they will adopt the same design for the future releases.

Caudabe iPhone X Cases 78

The third improvement in which I am most happy with is that the texture of the case has evolved into more of a sandstone texture rather than rubber feel. This makes the case way less slippery on hand than the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus version that is already very grippy.

For the rest, including all the protection and coverage, the Sheath case continues the legacy to do a great job in taking care of all the ports and buttons. So overall, I still hold my comment that I highly, proudly recommend you check out the Sheath Case greatly made by Caudabe.

LUCID CLEAR – Buy now at $24.95

The Caudabe Lucid Clear case continues to be one of my favorites whenever I wanted to look at or show off the beautiful glass back of my new iPhone X. Specially for iPhone X, Lucid Clear is now also available in a chrome metallic finish that tastefully accentuate the iPhone X design, and that looks extremely nice and genuine especially for the Silver white iPhone X that I am rocking with.

Caudabe iPhone X Cases 06

Here are a few features that I think better than the one for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus:

  • The camera cutout and its raised edge are now more fit to the larger protruding camera on iPhone X, which potentially provides better protection from scratches and external hits.
  • The specially-designed notches on the bottom two corners that facilitate easy removal is now slightly tweaked that makes it much easier to remove the case from the phone, however still maintain excellent tightness when the case is on.

The Veil XT – Buy now for $19.95

Continuing the tradition, Caudabe continues to offer the thinnest positive protection with the Viel XT case for iPhone X for those who just want one single step back from caseless.

Caudabe iPhone X Cases 65

The raised edge around the rear camera hump is always welcomed. On the other hand, similar to the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus versions, the case well wrapped all the sides and bottom ports of the iPhone X but leaves the buttons and the front panel exposed. This is the only drawback I could see from this ultra thin and minimal case.

THE SYNTHESIS – Buy now for $29.95

Again, you know where to go if you need ultimate protection from Caudabe – the Synthesis case.

Caudabe iPhone X Cases 98

For iPhone X, there is a new Black color option that has the transparent back panel, where you can clearly show off the glass back. It may look like if the Silver iPhone X is protected by a bumper so I believe it may look better for a Space Gray iPhone X. Of course, there are a few more color options that you can pick from in order to best match your new iPhone X and your outfit style.

The Synthesis feels solid in the hand, however not adding excessive bulk even comparing with the other cases mentioned above. It is relatively lightweight enough that does not tire your wrist for the already-heavier iPhone X.

What do you think about the minimal cases from Caudabe? Let me know in the comments and remember to subscribe to the blog for more review like this if you have not.

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