Hello my dear readers,

Hope this message finds your well. As I have been with you for almost three years, it has been a great time to share lots of original contents with you, and your great support to the blog has been motivating to keep us going.

We have been investing thousands costs and manhours into the site for writing, editing and upgrading and it could yet payback a fraction of what could be got from advertising or any other possible sources that could barely cover site hosting cost as of today. However, we have never asked any true monetary return from you, my dear supporters.

As an individual who do not run an eshop on te site and do not have many good source of revenue from the Instagram and Blog like many other top tech blogs, I am running into difficulty to keep up with what can be achieved so far as per no financial feasibility here. In order keep it going in a long run, we would like to call for your kind support to be a Patreon for as little as US$1 a month to keep things moving and growing healthily.

Not only we aim at providing more great contents with sustainable resources to make them, but we also target to launch monthly giveaway to supporters when the pattern reaches certain level. Your generous support will be much appreciated!

Thanks for your time for reading the message again and your great support by clicking the image below that will take you to our Patreon page.


Sincerely, Stephen

Founder of Superphen’s Tech Blog

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  1. Hey! I was wondering how you made your logo? I am trying to get a logo for my website and just wanted to know how you did yours. Thanks!


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