Rewiew: Oittm Wifi Smart Plug – An Intelligent Home Solution

Couple years ago, I got my first smarthome gadget, It is a very basic bluetooth smart bulb from Mipow that I can control it over an app for different colors that I could juice up the desk environment when shooting YouTube review videos. However, I have not got myself with any smarthome products as I did not feel any necessity, even though it is booming over the years, until I was introduced to a Wifi Smart Plug from Oittm couple months back.

Oittm Wifi Smart Plug 01

Shout out to Oittm for sponsoring the review unit and as an elementary person to smart home devices, in this review, I am going to share my impression on this Oittm Wifi Smart Plug in all the ways that I can utilize it throughout the week of testing.

Advertised features:

  • No hub or paid subscription required
  • No reconnection required after power outage.
  • Worry-free remote control via smartphone apps from anywhere
  • Safety schedule timer to turn off connected appliances
  • Voice control over Google Assistant, Google Home or Amazon Alexa
  • High-quality flame retardant material and insulating layer
  • Lifetime warranty

Buy now on Amazon for $18.99 (Rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars)

Unboxing and setup

The Oittm Wifi Smart Plug comes with simple packaging and the unboxing experience has been very intuitive. Simply slide out the printed packaging sleeve, you will be able to find the Oittm Wifi Smart Plug itself, a color-printed quick start guide, as well as a warranty notice.

Setting with the Oittm Smart is also extremely straightforward as no hub is required. The app is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Go ahead and scan the QR codes printed on the quick start guide and download the app onto your desired device. In the below illustration, I downloaded the Android app onto my OnePlus 5.

Oittm Wifi Smart Plug 06

Once you downloaded and opened the Oittm Smart app, you can start adding device that is compatible with the app. Once selected Smart Plug for the device type to be added, power on the device, tap confirm the LED indicator on the Wifi Smart Plug is blinking, and it will take about 20-30 seconds for the app to connect to and register the Smart Plug depends on your home WiFi network speed.

Oittm Wifi Smart Plug A3

Once the setup process is completed, you can start controlling the smart plug. You can name it as you like based on where you place the smart plug or what other electronic appliance it is used to control. Now you are ready to go with switching it on and off right from the app with a single tap.

Oittm Wifi Smart Plug A1

You are recommended need to sign up for a free account so you can control the Oittm Wifi Smart Plug across multiple devices, platforms and connect with other supporting services such as IFTTT.

Oittm Wifi Smart Plug 07

Demo: Voice Control on Oittm Smart Plug

As I do not own a Google Home or Amazon Echo device, it is not possible for me to show it in this review even though it is cool and simpler. If you are at the same case, there is also a simple workaround for free, that is using IFTTT and Google Assistant.

Oittm Wifi Smart Plug 09

All you need are the Google Assistant App, IFTTT app, as well as an account for Oittm Smart Home. There is a detailed instruction on the quick start giude on how to register the account and get started with how you can set the command strings properly. In short, IFTTT pretty much gets all things covered simply by adding new Applets to your account and things will be all connected together.

Oittm Wifi Smart Plug 08

Here is a quick demo video showcasing how the smart plug works smoothly with Google Assistant and IFTTT set up together:

Certainly, there are a lot of powerful features other than the voice control, such as creating scenarios to automate the actions of the smart plug based on your location and desired time frames. One thing I do want to mention is that you can control the plug even on cellular network as long as you sign into your Oittm account. This is really handy in case you forgot to turn off your bedroom lamp which is connected with the Oittm Smart Plug, you can do it anytime anywhere outside your home and Wifi Network.

Oittm Wifi Smart Plug A2

Overall speaking, the Oittm smart plug is a small yet powerful device which can serve as one of the basic elements of your smarthome setup. It performs really well and controlling over the companion app and through Google Assistant and IFTTT has been extremely smooth. For a price less than $20, it is well worth the money you paid for and it will not break the bank even if you need a few of it.

So what is your experience in using smart plugs? Do you have any recommendations to new comers like me on smart home device? Would love to hear more from you about your experience down below in the comments section.

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