Review: Nomad iPhone X Cases

Following my prior review on Nomad’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cases, thanks to generous sponsors from our good friend Nomad again, we have been trying out their iPhone X cases line-up for couple months upon receipt, and Nomad has never disappoints us.

Nomad iPhone X Cases featured in this review:

This is the first time I tried on the Hex Case that has a dual-material (polycarbonate and TPU rubber) construction with anti-scratch hexagonal pattern and air pockets enabling great phone protection against a 6ft drop. The raised edges around the screen and camera are common but welcomed feature for most of the powerful protective iPhone cases.

I had it with me for a few days in a trip and I kinda like it as I do not have to worry about getting scratches. The air cushion feature is new to me, yet it is not something I can get used to quickly as it feels quite differently in the hand than any other traditional protective cases.

I have also taken with me couple folio cases – both Clear and Rugged ones to serve specific purpose – instant grab and go with my iPhone X, hotel room key-card, small amount of cash and credit cards. My personal preference goes to the Clear Folio as I still prefer the grippy feel when holding the phone with the case, plus worry-free for scratches at the back.

After all, my go-to Nomad iPhone X case is yet the simplest Rugged Case. Similar to Apple’s Saddle Brown leather case, it is a relatively minimalist leather case made of vegetable tanned Horween leather that develops a rich patina over time. It does attract scratches and dent however this is part of the beauty of grown leather.

Combining the rubber TPE bumper, it feels excellent when holding in hand as it is just about right for what is needed for a simple yet practical, protective iPhone X case. This is a great enhancement from my previous experience with normal leather case without the bumper. I feel more secure to use with this Rugged Case especially when I am travelling and taking it in and out from the airport security through working on crowded streets.

However, if you like this kind of case but want to show off a little bit on the iPhone X design, especially if you have the white iPhone X like I do, you can definitely go for the Clear Case instead that it offers a more modern look with the two-tone design. While it only covers only the lower half of the case with a thin Horween leather and having a transparent upper case, usage over time gets the leather to develop a rugged patina as you are basically hold the leather part most of the time.


Again, I cannot recommend more on Nomad’s iPhone cases for its value of money and high quality of the products. With a variety of case styles and color options at a competitive price point, I highly suggest you head over to Nomad’s website or Instagram to check out which one suits you the best.

So what do you think about Nomad’s iPhone X case as well as their other products for Apple devices based on your experience? Let me know in the comments below and if you like the contents here, be sure to subscribe to the blog, follow us on Instagram and consider being a Patron for as little as $1 a month to support the future contents.

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