Quick Look: The Knight Watch Game for iPhone and Apple Watch

The Knight Watch turns traditional Chess board game into a fun little puzzle-solving arcade game that you play on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

If you know the rule of Chess and how to move the Knight, this mini-game can’t be any way simpler to play. The objective and control are intuitive: tap to control your Knight to eliminate all enemies before they can and avoid any obstacles possible.

The first couple stages of the Knight Watch come with some hints that help you to start and win with. Across some stages that you will come across new enemies, such as the Bishop or the Rook, or obstacles like rocks, there will be a flash screen to brief you with these upcoming stages. If you missed it, unfortunately you can’t get it back and you have to deal with it.

When you win or lose a stage, you will come across a flash screen of the result. The shorter time and fewer moves you use, the better the badge and more coins you can get. You can view all these details on this screen.

Meanwhile, as you move on to more difficult stages, besides the awards you can get at each stage, you can also unlock some achievements for the Daily Mission which certainly juices up the gaming experience and addictiveness. After stage 20, you can unlock the more challenging Conquest mode that limits your number or moves at each stage.

The Knight Watch also make the iOS app playable with the same main plot. Additionally, you can unlock some collectible or new avatar for your Knight which I think is the most fun part for any games that offer this. There is also a rush mode which you need to get as many points you can within time limit.

One major flaw, or something I hope the game will have, is to synchronise all game progress and collectibles between the Apple Watch and iOS game. They are standalone now so hopefully there could be some way that they can merge in the future update.

You can download The Knight Watch for $1.99 in the App Store.

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