Gearing up trips with SENA Leather iPhone X Case, Apple Watch band and Watch Travel Case

Back in 2014, with my iPhone 5S, I grabbed a leather wallet sleeve from SENA which served a great deal of purposes that it gave the phone a professional, premium, minimalistic outfit, as well as the functionality of being able to snap in couple credit/debit cards so I could just grab it on the go.

Couple years ago, I opted into SENA’s leather sleeve for my iPad Air 2. I had been searching for a few options and I picked SENA for its quality and value for money as it has been on sale for 50% off as of today.

Sena new 04

A few months back, I got a leather wallet case from SENA for my brand new iPhone X (at that moment). These two turned out to be my travel gear immediately when I needed my iPad for sketching graphs and flow charts. Thanks to SENA’s generous sponsor again, I was able to add a few more nice accessories to my travel gear and setup.


Products in this review:


The racing strip design of the Racer Snap On Case is inspired by interiors of roadster. The raised surface, despite making the case less slim than other competitor, allows fingers naturally fit into the grooves of its nicely-stitched trapunto design.

Sena new 07

The Racer-style leather case has a spectacular quality in terms of usage of genuine leather material that has a complete pleasant feel on touch and holding in the band. It rests firmly in my palm thanks to the raised surface and soft touch around the edges and corners.

The futuristic and more towards masculine design makes the iPhone case a very stylish addition to both my outfit and travel setups that matches with my other gear and accessories such as fragrance from Atelier Cologne with a leather case and the latest leather passport cover from Smython.


The other great travel companion is the Apple Watch Leather Travel Case, which is literally a very premium charging stand with a sleek and low-profile gunmetal accent, serves perfectly as an aesthetic decoration on workdesk or bedside nightstand.

The European tumbled leather-wrapped case has a magnetic closure lid that helps secure the pretty expensive magnetic Apple Watch charging cable. This makes the case an excellent travel gear with me that both looks and works well and professional, despite it is not the most compact option I have ever had.

Last but not least, which is my top favorite out of the batch, is the Heritage Leather Apple Watch Band. This turns to be my top Apple Watch band of choice regardless of occasion and outfit, for its premium quality on every parts across the tumbles leather band, brushed finished metal buckle and adapters, as well as leather lining and traditional stitching styles.

Having been using for about three months time over my numbers of business trips, the leather band has grown very well and get richer in texture and color depth with time which is on par with Apple’s Classic Buckle bands, while the band retains its physical condition with good strength.

I would say this is the best $70 you can spend on a premium leather Apple Watch band, as far as all the leather bands I have personally used and reviewed. The classic and vintage aesthetic will definitely get you with compliments on this fashionable choice.

What do you think about the leather gear from Sena? Let me know in the comments.

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