Review: Meridio Leather Apple Watch Bands

Featured by a number of Instagram influencers, Meridio from Italy is one of the most the prominent leather Apple Watch strap manufacturers in the community. Thanks to the sponsor from Meridio, we are reviewing a few of their Apple Watch bands today, as far as I tested over the past couple months during my business trips.


Before heading into the full review, check out the promotional video from Meridio to get familiar with this brand on their Apple Watch straps:

Meridio leather Apple Watch bands featured in this review:


Superior quality and gorgeous traditional look: Forest Black is truly a sight to behold. With its rugged vintage design and buttery soft, natural feel from day one, this high-quality leather band is an exquisite compliment to your Apple Watch, adding a bit of class and vintage spirit to cool technology.


The Forest Black Heritage strap is the one that I brought along in my last business trip. It has a very clean, minimalistic vintage look without much stitching work done on a genuine calf leather with very soft texture in nature out of the box. So there is no necessity to wear it out in order to fit your wrist.

meridio 3

That said, it deformed pretty quickly as I used a few times and I could not make it back to anywhere close to new condition for better photography. The good thing is, the strap is very comfortable to wear thanks to its nature.


Another good thing is, noticeably speaking, I did sweat quite a bit when I traveled around South Asian countries under the hot weather. Surprising it held up pretty well against sweat, in which some other bands I used got color washed and stink on the wrist but this one did not. Nevertheless, $99 for a leather Apple Watch strap is still on a premium side but rest assured that you will get a quality band here.



A classic tone luxury Apple Watch band with exceptional comfort and great character. A wonderful brown nappa texture gives this model a unique feel and, at the same time, a very stylish look; a great compliment to your favorite timepiece.


Made of genuine nappa leather originated from Italy, the Meridio Nappa leather Apple Watch strap has a more classic look which makes it a great alternative for Apple’s Classic buckle. Not only that it has a similar type of traditional stitching and lining align the bands, but also a very soft touch on the quality leather that I appreciate the most.


Despite the fact that this Nappa strap is slightly lower cost than the Heritage, it matches with my personal preference and outfit better thanks to nappa texture it has. Not only because that the Chestnut color that I received for the review unit looks amazingly matching with this type of leather, it also makes total sense for people like me to opt for this we most of the time I am in business or smart casual outfit.

LRG_DSC09723What do you think about Meridio Apple Watch straps as well as their other accessories in your experience? Let me know in the comments below and if you like the contents here, be sure to subscribe to the blog, follow us on Instagram and consider being a Patron for as little as $1 a month to support the future contents.

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  1. Tomas says:

    Hey, you also can try this one it looks really good. Write me and I can send you pic how it looks in real.


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