Review: JUUK Car-inspired Vitero Aluminum Apple Watch Band

Our readers know how much we love about the Apple Watch bands manufactured by the luxury band-maker JUUK Design, who is aggressively putting every possible effort into perfecting every single parts and engineering processes of their Apple Watch bands, from design to molding watch band links with flawless curvature.

But before we move on to their latest flagship design, you may wish to mark down our 10% discount code SUPERPHEN10 and check out our previous reviews on their products in the links below. Also stay tuned with JUUK as their Black Friday deal is coming soon:


JUUK has just released a new addition to their line-up of premium metal Apple Watch bands, namely Vitero, where its design is inspired by racing stripes and tire treads of both vintage and modern sports cars. Continuing the usage of high-grade, strong yet lightweight 6000 series aluminum, JUUK has put forward a dual stage hard anodization process in order to achieve this industry-leading, truly unique two-color design.


  • Made of 6000 series hard anodized aluminum
  • 316L stainless steel double push button butterfly deployment buckle
  • Weighs 55 grams
  • Fits all generations of the 42mm Apple Watch.

JUUK Vitero Apple Watch Band 22

Buy now – All colors at $149

Thanks to the sponsors from our good friend JUUK Design again, in this review we will showcase with the following color options:

There are a few more options you may find on JUUK and below are some of the sample shots for your preview:


The unboxing experience has again improved over generations of products from JUUK. Honestly speaking, packaging for Vitero band has much improved over the Ligero Band, and it is well thought from customer’s perspective.

The packaging has fine color printing of the product image on both the front cover and the inside, with insignificant color difference against the actual product inside.

JUUK Vitero Apple Watch Band 18

There is magnet on the side so you can easily open to reveal the contents. The Vitero Band is right there sitting in the EVA foam, after you lift up the transparent cover on top of it. What you should expect inside the box includes the following:

JUUK Vitero Apple Watch Band 01

  • 1 x Vitero Apple Watch Band of choice
  • 1 x Link removal tool
  • 3 x Spare pins for links
  • 1 x JUUK Paper card with instructions

One thing I do miss in the package is a high quality micro-fibre cloth that I was able to get in their previous products. But this is not the key issue here. Let’s take a look at every parts of the bands in detail:

Full band:

JUUK Vitero Apple Watch Band 05

Flatlay view:


JUUK Vitero Apple Watch Band 10

Inner blushed finish:

Butterfly Buckle:

Impressions and Thoughts

I have been swapping the three bands around over the week while travelling aboard and have the following thoughts and comments over the bands:

About build quality:

  • The Vitero band is light-weight yet slightly heavier than the Ligero band as far as I could feel it on the wrist. It is a very good match with Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch Nike+ that have light-weight aluminum casing.
  • The band curves around the wrist pretty well and fells more attached than the Ligero band.
  • The links and butterfly buckle feel solid and strong. I could feel it especially during the link removal process that a good amount of force is required.
  • As the color is hard anodized, the color will not be rubbed off by daily use or sweat. It is easy to be cleaned as well.

JUUK Vitero Apple Watch Band 39

About design:

  • The design is new to general public as it is very different from what people expect from an Apple Watch band and most would only know about the geniue bands from Apple. I hung around and I could get attention, inquires and compliment for this cool style band.
  • The Vitero Crimson, casually known as the “Iron Man” version, is indeed a really sharp and stand-out watch band preferably going with leisure outfits.
  • The Space Gray bands matches well with my Space Gray 3rd generation Nike+ Apple Watch. It looks cool but stays low profile as well.
  • I do recommend getting multiple strip colors to your liking that match your frequent outfit so you will feel the style and color combination of the band blend in with your outfit.


Overall speaking, JUUK Design is not only keeping up their product quality and customer experience, but instead aiming higher every time with incredible creation that leads even further in the luxury Apple Watch band market. The Vitero band, again, is shipped as a perfectly designed, engineering and manufactured full package. It is definitely a great addition to your Apple Watch band collections.

JUUK Vitero Apple Watch Band 33

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  1. hidom says:

    the red version looks like iron man’s armor

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